Posted on: Jun 07, 2022

Trends and Innovation: Smart Homes

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Imagine being able to control the air quality of your entire house from the comfort of your sofa, or controlling the lights when you are out. Sounds good, doesn’t it? In an increasingly busy society, experiencing a shift towards spending more time at home, Smart Homes have arrived to make our day-to-day life easier, safer and more comfortable. Let’s explore how smart homes make our routine more simple, and how brands are currently responding. This is not to be missed!

When we talk about Smart Homes, we refer to those designed to simplify the consumer’s routine, often through the utilisation of different gadgets like voice assistants. This sector has taken off at a time of financial, social and climate crisis, providing peace of mind to all consumers, including those that fall within the category of Regulators. This group seeks to lighten daily tasks through the use of technology.

In times of financial instability, Smart Homes help us optimise the use of resources at home, saving on money and energy. Among the many examples, there are labels that help us avoid food waste with indicators that analyse the  age and temperature of products, to inform us of their quality. Other notable examples are sensors that save energy based on movement, or thermostats that self-regulate based on the outside temperature. These are two advances that fight for energy efficiency, towards a more sustainable future.

In addition, Smart Homes generate more accessible spaces for people with specific needs, speaking to the ever-increasing prominence of design for everyone. These devices range from automated emergency-triggered warnings, to voice-controlled gadgets. These devices make it possible to provide greater security and accessibility to elderly or disabled people, as well as allowing residents to maintain contact with their families.

The health sector is also making its way, responding to an increasingly ageing population with a growing concern around health and nutrition. Consumers are adopting healthier routines, for which they use gadgets to clean fruits and vegetables, or click-and-collect options that have been adapted to their diets. We must add the concern about pollution, and its correlated respiratory problems. Posed as a solution, we can find a number of items on the market, from air purifiers to curtains or blinds that block the entry of harmful particles. As we have seen, the number of possibilities is infinite.

Packaging for Smart Home Gadgets

The demand for these products is growing exponentially, and will continue to do so, if Forbes is to be believed. To face a market in constant change and evolution, it is important to keep a simple message about the benefits of the gadget, before opting for a simple, minimalist design, and then having experts or influencers guarantee its effectiveness and viability. In fact, marketing techniques such as live streaming can be of great value to an increasingly gadget-saturated consumer seeking utility above all else. There are many ways to provide emotional well-being in the daily lives of our consumers, we here at Pointbleu want to share them all with you. Would you like to join us?

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