Posted on: Aug 27, 2020

The Most Talked about Packaging Redesigns in 2020

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The holidays are a good time to look back and review this year’s most talked-about packaging redesigns. Do you dare to take part? Guess who it is before finishing this article. Solutions at the end.


Generosity in all its forms

The first time you see this rebranding you might ask yourself… but where is the change? ¬†This is a result of the subtlety, my friends, wherein lies the greatness of this redesign. The logo is sinuous, resulting in a curvature that is more appealing to the human eye, the glasses have been updated so they link directly to the product and the duality of its colors are utilised to make this re-design one of the most appetizing of the moment. Moreover, if you look at the background, you will discover a hidden treasure: an original pattern that was rescued from the brand archives at the beginning of time. Do you know what brand it is?



One of the Italian brands that is considered par excellence has also gone through a redesign in 2020. Although many believe the background colour may have been a little dull, the truth is that when its creators tell you that they were inspired by the blue (azzurro) of the Italian skies that unify the cultivation and production of the product as well as the consumption of families, under which all of these activities take place… There is nothing more to add. We are seduced by the allure of the unembellished product, (another feature that is hitting hard this 2020) and the generous information on the reverse of the packaging. It moves us to take our hats off and say “Bravissimo!”


Powerful but subtle changes

When a brand that has been on the market for more than 50 years comes into play, you have to treat its design with a lot of respect. In fact, sometimes the most complicated designs are those that allow you very little room for manoeuvre. How can you tell a brand that the design that has been on the market for so many years can be changed? Where to? Why and what for? Here is how strategists and designers work together to evaluate what works well, or even what works the best about a brand, not only for us but also for consumers, coupled with the client’s own evaluations. This is the only way for an agency to be able to carry out a job with such respect and tact. In this case, the restyling of the packaging of this brand sought to consolidate its image in each of its ranges into one cleaner image, in which both the indulgence and the brand are depicted. Considering the results in the before and after, we can now say that this brand has managed to appeal to -all audiences. Have you guessed its name yet?



Visual Pleasure

We are finishing up with a corporate case, detailing the adaptation it made in terms of communication. This is a brand that is fifty years old and has always known how to be on the forefront of every shift towards the future. This is all thanks to its innovative products, and the desire of its the target group to try new things. According to its Creative Director, when the agency got its hands on the brand, it sought to create a connection between its very flat design logo and its communication. Maybe a little bit subtle, but it worked. What we loved was their new typeface called One Night Sans,¬†representing all kinds of relationships in terms of freedom and inclusion. We don’t know if Havas wanted to hype it up even further, or just leave it at the level of branding and positioning, but it’s certainly an asset that we would take advantage of, even on-pack. Do you know which brand we credit with providing us such visual pleasure?

We can’t wait to hear your answers. If you dare, send them to us as comments and we will publish the answers below the next post. Good luck!


Generosity in all its forms: Cadbury

Azzurro!: Barilla

Powerful but subtle changes: Heinz

Visual Pleasure: Durex

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