Posted on: Nov 23, 2021

The Single Era

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As the number of people remaining single is continuing to grow, knock-on effects for brands will be far-reaching. This will create a new ecosystem of consumers to address, and they will have to be taken into account. According to a report carried out by the entity Euromonitor International, in 2030 the number of single-person households is expected to rise by 120 million, outpacing the growth of any other household type worldwide.

As women begin to attain more bachelor’s degrees than men, and the population as a whole shifts towards marrying older, it is safe to say that a number of different social trends are driving this. Due to their independence and purchasing power, single people are an evermore  important and influential consumer cohort. It goes without saying that singletons have different necessities than any other consumer group, as they don’t share the same habits as families or couples.

Brands need to evolve and adapt their strategies to ensure that this consumer group is being catered for. At PointBleu Design, we are here to give you all the details regarding this cohort:

The Age of Singletons

Society is starting to embrace and celebrate the different shapes and colours of families. We are moving away from marriage, traditional family structures and even home ownership as we evolve into other forms of family, with different lifestyles. This means that businesses need to adapt their strategies to celebrate this consumer cohort, by providing products and services that celebrate this way of living.

Singles’ Day, held on November 11th, is the largest e-commerce day in the word, according to a United Nations Conference report on Trade and Development. It may come as a surprise, but the world’s biggest online shopping marathon of the year doesn’t take place on any Western marketplace. It’s held by Alibaba, China’s global e-commerce giant, who spotted the potential of singletons. In fact, it is estimated to be four times bigger than Black Friday.

We strongly recommend western brands acknowledge this cohort’s potential, with a view to creating propositions that celebrate their autonomy and independence, instead of stigmatizing it.

Empowerment and New Necessities 

Brands must listen to this group’s opinions and thoughts, so as to successfully approach them. While destigmatising being alone in all manifestations is liberating, as consumers, this gives singletons immense power – to choose products that reflect their beliefs and values.

Sustainability, especially of the packaging used, is proving to be one of the most important determinants of what makes it into a singleton’s shopping basket. Brand owners need to create more sustainable packaging offerings.

Another key driver related to the packaging industry is convenience. Brands and supermarket chains must adapt their business models in order to reduce food waste. Targeting single consumers requires downsizing products and their packaging. To sum it up, with this paradigm shift, we hope that brand owners will change their strategies to adapt to single consumer’s necessities.  Importance trends to watch out for will include scaled-down packaging and smaller product offerings that don’t work out to be more expensive.

We strongly encourage you to build new narratives about the lives of single people. Redeveloping propositions and strategies is the key to have this cohort feel welcomed rather than punished or ashamed. In conclusion, listen to their needs, as they have radically different ones from those of families. This cohort is a powerful consumer group in the making. Keep an eye on statistics that analyse their habits and consumption. And please, don’t judge and watch out the tone of your actions.

Is your Brand ready to enter the Single Age?

At PointBleu Design we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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