Posted on: Jul 15, 2020

Summer Colors Trend

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Look at an aisle in a shopping store and you will see designs and packaging in every colour of the rainbow. But did you know that the choice of these colours is based on research and consumer psychology? In fact, effective use of colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

Colour is often one of the first things a consumer notices. The colour you choose for your product can make the difference between the product succeeding or failing in the market. Coca Cola, for instance, is renowned for the red in its logo and packaging. Red stands for passion, excitement and sweetness. The colour Red is used by many food companies like Kelloggs, KFC and McDonalds. When Coca Cola tried to change their can colour to snow-white for the festive season, it resulted in confusion among consumers and the new packaging had to be taken off the market.

In the post-COVID world, there will be an emphasis on a whole new array of colours. Consumers will be drawn towards reassuring and mood-enhancing colours and experiences. The global authority on design trends, WSGN, in partnership with an innovative and intuitive colour system, Colouro, has revealed its Spring Summer 2022 colours.

With consumers seeking safety, health and well-being, WSGN has predicted a pull towards colours that offer hope and peace. The scheme of their SS/22 colours ranges from the soothing Atlantic blue, butter and olive to invigorating colours like mango sorbet and orchid flower.

Atlantic blue, an all-time favourite for both men’s and women’s clothing, is expected to be perceived as peaceful, soothing, gentle and fluid. Blue reminds one of the open sky and of hope, symbolizing optimism. The colour of butter will also be sought after and make one think of warmth and love. Being soft, edible and luxurious, this colour will be a favourite among women’s luxury wear, lingerie and interiors.


The colour olive will be embraced for being comforting, restful, balanced and timeless. Green is synonymous to nature and will feel refreshing after a prolonged period of indoor life.  A symbol of health and nourishment, olive will appeals to both men and women. It is predicted to be seen in lingerie, footwear and active-wear.

To balance out the three calming colours above, there is Mango sorbet. Invigorating, tropical and juicy, it will add a splash of bright colour in one’s wardrobe and in interiors to bring joy. This blend of yellow and orange will be popular in swimwear and outerwear.

Lastly, Orchid flower will appeal to women and will be driven by the youth. Its intense and energizing tone symbolizes excitement and positivity. With its purple undertone, it will also see success in men’s wear.

As people emerge from seclusion and take tentative steps back into malls and shopping centres, brands will attempt to reassure buyers through new advertisements and packaging. These five colours will not only show up in fashion and design trends but will also be adopted by branding and marketing agencies as they woo consumers.

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