Posted on: Feb 17, 2022

Spring F&D Packaging Trends: Self-Care

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We are continuing to break down all the dos and don’ts of creating a F&D packaging that will stand to you this Spring. This fifth post lays out another trend, which will impact the outcome of upcoming decisions over colour, materials and surface design. Our next key trend for the coming season is called Self-Care”.


Our observations on the “Self-Care” trend explore how the need for wellness and sanctuary will have an impact on what constitutes a promising approach to packaging design . Inspired by not only the natural world, but also the need for connection with ourselves and the planet, the concept emerges as an answer to the mental and physical consequences of the pandemic. 

Colour is used emotively in this trend, from tranquil blues to reassuring ochres and uplifting pinks and oranges

 It goes without saying that the world is shifting at an unprecedented pace. As new consumer attitudes arise, people are now driving the demand for balance and happiness. With many brands now realising the significance of this insight, products that nourish the soul will not only feel more appealing, but they will also prove more necessary than ever.


Due to the collateral damage resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness will continue to be the number-one priority. In fact, these priorities also affect Food and Drink packaging offerings, as F&D that supports wellness, self-care and healing rituals will be especially relevant. Notions of how packaging ought to be created  will be extrapolated from these concepts. We must take into account that natural ingredients and processes will affect packaging offerings, with regeneratively sourced materials taking the lead. 

Australia-based Fungi Solutions creates circular packaging solutions made out of mycelium. Here, the natural material forms a fully encapsulating, insulative protective layer, taking the place of styrofoam.

Science and technology will also allow for important bio-innovations that result in scalable designs working with the environment, rather than against it. Mycelium, made with the root structure of mushrooms and Seaweed-based materials will be increasingly embraced as a means of creating compostable and biodegradable packaging. Other recycled materials such as glass and wood deserve special mention. This is largely because they give the packaging creation a premium appeal.

1. A paper-based pack eliminates the need for plastic. 2. Seed develops clinically studied probiotics to impact human and planetary health. Its packaging design reiterates these values. Its packaging is constructed from biodegradable algae paper sourced in Italy from toxic algae blooms in the Venice canals.


The Self-Care direction will have a huge impact on luxury and the packaging design of premium products . In order to approach this target audience, try to find inspiration in nature and its elements. The truth is that nature will not only be a leading force in everyday life, but also in design. In fact, the movement to take better care of the earth will be in full swing by 2023, with consumers finding peace in nature and harbouring a deep desire to preserve it.

Embrace the imperfections of natural finishes and prints, elevating the uniqueness of naturally derived materials, such as wood or glass, as a signifier of luxury.

Natural foods are a natural fit for this packaging direction, including those with functional and adaptogenic, plant-based ingredients that support mental and emotional wellbeing and microbiome health.


The Self-Care palette is optimistic, soft and emotive. Try balancing natural tones and uplifting bright colours with healing metallics. Earthy and calming tones are reassuring. The aim is to create a comforting atmosphere and aesthetic whilst also evoking luxury. Try using colours that will take your customers to a happy place.

“Self-Care” trend’s Colour Palette

Products with a clear and clean journey are a priority for this trend. We strongly recommend developing an understanding of where the product comes from, it should start at sourcing and lead all the way to the supply chain. Try to carry these values through to the packaging design process, as consumers are driving demand for personal nourishment and natural offerings.

Are you ready to set your brand apart this Spring?

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