Posted on: Feb 03, 2022

Spring F&D packaging trends: Safety

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We are continuing to break down all the guidelines that will shape F&D packaging trends for this Spring. This third post lays out another trend, which will affect the outcome of upcoming decisions over colour, materials and surface design. Our next key trend for the coming season is called “Safety”.


The turn towards Safety-centred design is less about the product and more about how it serves humanity. The truth is that health will continue to be the number one priority in 2022. In fact, consumers are looking for fast, efficient ways to boost their immune system. This is what experts have termed, “Food as Medicine”, a rising nutritional trend that will see consumers get into a frenzy over fortified ingredients. 

As a matter of fact, the Safety concept will have an impact on the packaging of brands, with greater effort required to tout the benefits of products that strengthen the immune system. So take a lead from the medical industry and consider going for laboratory-inspired shapes and pill-like containers.

Take inspiration from the periodic table, choosing bold, simple colours that speak to the category or product within


Consider using transparent packaging materials that enable consumers to see the products’ contents at a distance. This trend will focus on reassuring consumers by having packaging show that it is not only hygienic, but also easy to use. This is because the safety of products will be of the utmost importance, especially as consumers are still wary of unnecessarily touching products before they are purchased.

Check out this packaging made in Point Bleu Design. Clear bottles and emotive labelling meet consumer desire for information, comfort and hygiene.

While Covid-19 has meant a rise in the demand for single-use packaging, designers must prioritise sustainability and double down their efforts to avoid reversing the strides we have already made in ecologism.

Recycled Aluminium and cardboard will be of paramount importance too, as they will sustainably package supplements in tablet form, which are set to become the norm.

Pharmaceutical/Medical-style packaging will communicate the idea that food is medicine


Prioritise the safety and hygiene of your packaging. Help consumers feel at ease by creating sterile, safe packs and investing in designs that communicate high standards of hygiene.

Try creating a colour-coded system for your product range so that consumers can easily spot it when in-store. Find inspiration in the psychology of colour and emotion, and use it as a way to connect with consumers. 

For instance, in the case of health drinks, you may want to consider creating  clear glass bottles that resemble beakers and any other equipment you might find in a laboratory.

1. Clear bottles and emotive labelling meet consumer desire for information, comfort and hygiene. 2. Supplements in tablet form will become the norm


This spring, keep the focus on cleanliness by opting for aqua and green tones that hint at notions of the safe and sterile Use touches of warm tones to offer a sense of comfort. Watch out for white and metallic silver that connote new standards of hygiene.

Colour Palette of the Safety Trend

We strongly recommend channelling a sterile and safety-first aesthetic. Embody the pharmaceutical industry’s codes by creating clear and clean offerings. Ensure, at the same time, both recyclability and reusability. In addition, use design that communicates high standards of hygiene.



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