Posted on: Jan 26, 2022

Spring F&D packaging trends: Euphoria

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We are continuing to break down all the dos and don’ts of creating a F&D packaging that will stand to you this Spring. This second post lays out another trend, which will impact the outcome of upcoming decisions over colour, materials and surface design. Our next key trend for the coming season is called “Euphoria”.

Breaking down the concept

The Euphoria concept is all about packaging that draws our attention by speaking to escapism and playfulness. Ever since the pandemic started, loneliness and sadness have become a crisis of their own. That’s why this trend is full of colours and patterns. We would strongly urge you to invest in designs that embrace hedonism and allow consumers to indulge in the finer things.


Consider using textures to encourage sensory interaction. It goes without saying that recycled materials will be in full swing this spring, with cardboard leading the way, though including anything from flat matte to textured surfaces.

Packaging shapes should be classic and almost childlike, with circles and squares dominating

Although joyful aesthetics are important, packaging creators should go beyond mere visual designs to embrace sustainable and tech-led ones that promise a better future. For instance, innovations such as Skin4Can meet the growing demand for hygiene, creating a new experimental experience for the consumer. Skin4Can is an invisible, recyclable, protective coating for tin cans. It can stick to all crevices of a pack without glue and protects it from dirt and microorganisms.


Recyclable packaging doesn’t have to look austere. In fact, this trend is the living proof of this premise. The truth is that a design can be sustainable whilst also embracing bold, bright and fun compositions. In other words, being sustainable doesn’t need to look boring or predictable.

Colourful and joyful packaging communicates the feel-good nature of the products inside
1.Simple, bold, bright colours will be key 2. References from the past will be curated in clashing and sometimes irreverent mixes

Colour palette 

For this Spring, focus on clean blue and green shades to have your packaging channel all that is sterile and safe. Use small touches of warm tones to boost the sense of comfort they transmit. Invest in white and metallic silver to create high standards of hygiene.

Colour Palette of the Euphoria trend

In 2022, consumers want to have fun. They will be looking for that release through escapism and ebullience, seeking designs and experiences that are aligned with this premise.

We strongly recommend losing all hang-ups over experimentation, try to see extremely saturated colours or brash hues as the key to attracting consumer attention.  For optimal results, consider implementing bold patterns. And don’t forget to invest in creative textures, unusual shapes and bright, contrasting colour combinations that help you stand out even further.

Are you ready to experiment with your packaging this Spring?

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