Posted on: Jun 23, 2022

Speciality Coffeeshops: quality trends

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The market for Specialty Coffee Shops is growing exponentially, and as a niche for this category opens up in most European cities, you may be wondering what makes these coffee shops so unique. It is a market niche in which quality is favoured over quantity, and sustainability is a must. Coming from places like Jamaica, Hawaii, Kenya or Antigua Guatemala, specialty coffee and its cafes turn something routine into a ritual. Stay with us to discover what makes them so unique.

One of the most unique aspects of specialty coffee shops is their service and the relationship that the baristas have with the customer. Their attitude, knowledge and high degree of coffee specialisation make the service something outstanding, which positions them above traditional coffee shops.

In addition, these establishments take care of their community with an assortment of savoury food along with pastries, magazines, and even articles or art works by local artists. All of this creates an atmosphere that is relaxed, cultured, and most importantly, cool.

Is such a combination the universal formula for  success? We have yet to analyse the most important factor, which is the honesty with which business is conducted from the outset, when the coffee is planted. The farmlands where these coffee beans grow are unique among others, and its sustainability is based on the care taken towards the farmers, as well as their crops, their families, and their traditional methods. Local producers such as Nomad or Syra Café use their own roasters, a painstaking process which demands incredible care be taken in every aspect, whether it is related to roasting time or even temperature control. All this can involve different variations upon intensity, juiciness, sweetness and brightness, generating a product that can be consumed in its cafes, or bought both in stores and online, exclusive to its coffee house.

It is clear that the search for a product of greater value is on the rise, and those that bring the consumer closer will be more highly sought after. All this can be leveraged by proposing a sincere, “zero-kilometre” product, whose feasibility does not depend on cutting corners. When careful, current and welcoming design is incorporated, they give the sense that you are being invited to spend time enjoying coffee as it has been produced: slowly. Promoting the global through a local perspective attracts the consumer, and as a brand we can show that our values and commitments are in line with theirs. This trend is here to stay, and since Barcelona is never one to be left behind, our next post will take you through the wide array of Specialty coffee shops it has to offer. Stay tuned to discover all about them!


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