Posted on: Jul 01, 2022

Speciality Coffeeshops: Design and Retail

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As we saw in the last post, speciality cafes are not only conquering cities, but also winning over the hearts of those who live there. Their careful design has left no one indifferent, from its logos to its cups, everything is selected to improve our day-to-day. In Barcelona, ​​speciality coffees landed around 2015, mostly thanks to NOMAD café. Little by little they have found a place in our routine, making the city one of the European capitals of speciality coffee.

They are located in creative, central, busy neighbourhoods, meaning that in Barcelona they can be found in the district of l’Eixample, as well as in Gracia or Poblenou, among many others. At their tables we can find people of all kinds, which creates an atmosphere of creativity, inclusiveness and enormous diversity. Accordingly, we find a wide range that fits any person or taste. With aesthetics that range from darker and more minimal styles, to those that take inspiration from Australia by way of brighter browns and plants, stay with us to find out what is leading this trend.

As we have mentioned, Nomad landed in Barcelona almost 10 years ago. With two stores currently open, a roaster in their city headquarters and a coffee that cannot be beaten, they opt for simple and industrial design, with grey and sober tones. This is also the case with their packaging and logo, which combine simple designs predominated by white, all to an end of conveying the transparency and quality they pursue in their business.

Three Marks Coffee was born near Poblenou, where coffee plays a leading role, but each and every detail is also carefully curated. White and grey, bright and full of  industrial touches, its three cafes in Barcelona convey the serenity of a good coffee made with patience and care. Its logo and packaging follow these steps, with a smooth, clear design that speaks to the importance of its contents.

At the same time, the number of cafes-come-gardens and other such homely options has grown. Espai Joliu was born to make space for plants, signature ceramics, selected publications, carefully made breakfasts and of course, coffee. Orval was born with the same philosophy, equally casual in its design, but just as welcoming. They take us into a living world, where everything is either green or colourful.

We cannot miss cafes like Federal or La Cala. In both, light and colour have been mixed with notes of coffee and avocado toast. Designed with Australian images in mind, they transport us into a world where mornings are an opportunity for tranquillity. This trend is committed to a more colourful design, where wood plays an important role and the comfortable chairs invite you to take your time. Their logos, which are fine and simple, yet creative and fun, invite everyone to sit at their tables.

As we have seen in both posts, we can approach the world of speciality coffee in various ways. The possibilities are endless in a world that, despite gradually approaching the mainstream, never ceases to amaze us. Acting from a place of honesty, transparency and care, we can approach the consumer by providing a different, yet comfortable experience. From the most familiar and cosy, to the world of simple, industrial design, these experiences come to pass by way of creativity and artistic urges, to reinforce how coffee belongs everywhere. At Pointbleu, we are looking forward to being surprised by new ideas, spaces and formats. Would you like to join us?

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