Posted on: Oct 30, 2019

Special Packaging Editions For Halloween

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Limited editions in packaging industry are an exciting way to connect more with consumer and increase visibility by pushing up your brand essence. Obviously, creating it is not an easy process; studies reveal that almost 90% of limited-edition packaging do not obtain the desired results. Brands must be smart and creative if they want to achieve a successful edition.

What’s behind a limited-edition design? First you should base your design in a specific consumer’s need. It is also convenient to establish a strategic partnership with a popular celebrity, influencer or a charity organization that brings added values and praises out the best qualities of both sides. For instance, Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder collaboration made both an aesthetic and sentimental touch down to consumers with the “I’m just like you” message.

In any case, a new limited-edition packaging should give the consumer the desire to purchase the product immediately in order to get the alternative version, but still with the same brand’s core value. And using special occasions such as Christmas holidays or a big sport event to start the entire process.

Let’s take for example Halloween. Today, is one of the most popular festivities and a money maker occasion for limited-edition packaging. Indeed, it’s the second commercial holiday and last year the celebration sales hit $9 billions only in America. Since for people October 31 is the perfect excuse to “escape the reality for one day” or “be someone else”, it is not surprising that brands take advantage of that.

In order to increase profits and curiosity, giant beverage company Fanta has produced a new limited Halloween collection and an exclusive soft drink called “Dark Orange”, announcing the desire to link Halloween even more with Fanta brand. Barbie’s producer, Mattel, pays tribute to one of the most famous and ancient Mexican traditions “Día de los muertos” dedicating a barbie already sold out on its official web page.

The Beauty industry, of course, is involved in the Halloween mania to help recreate the most terrifying, and always-on-point make up look, for the darkest night of the year. Make Up Revolution and Lush Cosmetics launched a limited-edition packaging for 2019 as well. Both collections are customized with dark tones, monsters, pumpkins and skull designs. Last but not least, the candy industry is thriving the most during this period reaching an average of $25 per person in America.

M&Ms will be stationed on the shelves of supermarkets with its limited-edition flavours and packaging designed exclusively for October 31. We should hurry up, otherwise the best packaging will be sold-out. But do not panic, over the next few years a rise in Halloween expenses is expected so if your brand is not on time, you can pick up some ideas for celebrating an even more terrifying Halloween next year!

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