Posted on: Mar 05, 2021

PB Talks: The Feminine Market

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· What was the main reason for deciding to make this brand of sanitary pads, taking into account the lack of demand for this product in your country?

Exactly that! There shouldn’t be a lack of demand for this product, and our aim is to make feminine care products available and affordable to all women in any market where we have chosen to be present.

· How would you describe the woman who consumes Mia?

Young, active, connected Moroccan women, hungry to discover not only the world around them, but also the one that exists beyond Morocco.

· What are the challenges that Moroccan women face today? What role do you think Mia might play in facing these challenges?

If you were to look at Morocco in contrast to other countries in the region, our society would stand out as being more open about issues affecting women.  That said, Moroccan women are still fighting every day for  the same freedom and equality that has been awarded to their male counterparts, striving to completely shatter the glass ceiling. Mia can indeed play a role, by making period care accessible and available to all women and young girls in Morocco. And while that may be small, it is not inconsiderable.

· What are the main reasons why Moroccan women should trust Mia?

The genesis of Mia started with Moroccan women in mind, and we took 3 to allow ourselves to understand the reality of period care in Morocco before we made the first Mia feminine pad. This meant that the final product we distributed was we the best, softest and most affordable pad on the Moroccan market.

· How has Mia helped with the normalisation of menstruation, which has long been considered taboo in society?

To be honest, we are still in the early stages and this will be a long journey. General access and affordability are the foundations for any further concrete work on the normalisation of menstruation.

· In addition to the different commercial actions related to Mia, have you considered undertaking further activities to show solidarity and play a part in the normalisation of menstruation in Morocco?

We work with several NGOs and public boarding schools to offer them a range of Mia products for the girls’ daily needs.
We are also running an in-school educational program to break stigmas and taboos about periods, reassuring secondary school girls of the normality of their periods, and how to care for themselves during that week every month.

· How did this new product impact the retail channel?

We were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly encouraged by how quickly we managed to get Mia on the shelves of most stores, whether they might be those of traditional corner stores, or large retail supermarkets.

· Let’s focus on one of their latest innovations, Mia Cotton, which came out just 4 years after the launch of Mia, the first pad 100% made in Morocco. Why launch a new model so fast?

Not fast enough ☺ Our consumers need constant innovation and improvement, and we strive very hard to make sure they see it that way.

· Do you have any activities planned for Women’s Day in Morocco?
It’s a surprise ☺☺☺

· Are there more innovations planned for this target market?
Absolutely, we are working on several new products and launches to further develop and expand the period care category.

Thank you very much for your time, Souheil! We are looking forward to see what’s going with Mia on Women’s Day!

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