Posted on: Oct 28, 2022

Pasta Fever

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discover the newest trends on pastaPasta has turned out to be on trend right now. We call it Pasta Fever! From being forbidden by keto lovers, looked like carbs were the new sugar enemy. Far from that, nutritionists and dieticians are now advocating for a more balanced diet and consumers, specially GenZ, are finding in pasta a new canvas to explore and get rid of the fear of cooking. Ready for more insights? We have plenty of it, down below 😉


Pasta has become a hero: it is shelf-stable, affordable, variable, family-friendly and prone to internet attention. After being tagged as a carb-heavy diet killer past has become a pantry saviour, a dish that can work as a base or a companion for multiple diets and flavours. Dieticians, for example, have switched their perception about it using pasta associated with plant protein, vegan, fibre or whole wheat instead of eliminating it from the diet of their readers, they want to liberate them by using a positive tone especially now that gluten-free pasta or green pea pasta appeared in the market.


It could relate to all of us, but GenZ relate their identity to what they eat. If millennials did so by throwing pictures about their meals, and GenX was all about in which restaurant you would be seen, GenZ seems to connect more with the desire to eat foods that help them express who they are. In this link between their identity and the food, they eat there is an extra layer of desirability and novelty and pasta is one of them.

First, pasta connects with our childhood. Mom’s recipes such as mac and cheese remind our better days and a happy feeling we all want to repeat all over again.

hastags nutritioinists convesrations about pasta


As an ingredient, pasta is made with grain which makes it perfectly shelf-stable, affordable, and variable. Now there are many other varieties. While cauliflower is a common grain-free alternative to rice, chickpeas are a go-to for grains in pasta. Grain-Free pasta help to create newly frozen, fresh and shelf-stable products. Their benefits can be very different. For example, lupin, a legume rich in fibre, protein and essential minerals helps keto fans to keep up their protein diet with more protein per ounce than steak or chicken. Chickpea has created a line made with chickpea and lentil bases to create pasta made with kale and spinach for a boost of iron and vitamins K and pasta made with lentils cauliflower or chickpea QUICK AND DELICIOUS


Lack of ideas? People are counting on social media, specially TikTok these days, to create new pasta recipes with a microwave, kettle, slow cooker or even air fryer. The idea is to get rid of old habits and embrace new cooking methods more cost-efficiently than using the oven. Do you remember the #fetapasta? We can see now #honeycombpasta and other recipes such as #pastacake or #pastavodka ready to make your senses explode. Its success is easy: pasta is a very quick way to cook and always has the same result: well cooked! It’s difficult to go wrong with it.

three ways to cook your pasta on trend


Look for typical recipes and give it a twist: either with plant-based meat or different sauces, consumers are ready to dig in nostalgia with a surprise factor as part of the pasta fever. Bold flavours such as chilly flakes are gaining more popularity, and truffle and Sichuan peppercorns too, are always welcomed. From Handmade pasta to homemade pasta, during the pandemic, Rana launched its recipe box that made fresh pasta grew 300% in 2020.

Any other ideas? Let’s go for it: one-pot meals, traybake dinners or freezer dishes will be loved by families that look for easy recipes that are healthy and delicious. For example, vegetables “hidden” in pasta like broccoli pesto or courgette, are always a good idea for parents.

easy cooking pastaGIVE IT A BUZZ

Pasta fever goes also for viral pasta recipes which generated a lot of social engagement and therefore, more content about it. From Feta pasta to Bucatini noodles made as a honeycomb cake, be aware of which are the easiest formats to create new ways of cooking it. For example, using the lasagne layers to create sweet dishes or even crackers to dip in different sauces everything is welcomed if it sounds cheesy or creamy goodness and plant-based, according to WGSN Trend Curve on social media.

As you can see there are many new insights to go for pasta on your new products. Make it new, make it irresistibly easy do and as tasty as you can, this is a successful recipe for new products to come specially to satisfy the appetite of the always-hungry for novelties, GenZ. And you, how do you like your pasta? 😉


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