Posted on: Oct 20, 2022

Packaging trends for 23/24

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Autumn has arrived and with it, the new packaging trends for 23/24 where colour, textures and materials combine to create new experiences ready to tempt the savviest consumers. Stay tuned to discover the ingredients to create cutting-edge autumn packaging.

Sustainability, yes, but with care

Whether it’s personal care, care for the planet or even care for our society, it’s also resonating at the design level. Thus, the idea of holistic wellness also reaches the world of packaging to communicate the calm and support that motivates the choice of Mindful Nurturists and facilitates the choice of food products in line with the diet of the Conscious Curators.

How does it translate at the design level? The idea is to represent mindfulness and wellness through minimalist designs that add a touch of colour to increase the mood, inspired by handcrafted shapes and textures to give the product a more natural feel.

Colours as natural as greens or browns are combined in pastel colors to bring the calm we need or improve the mood in its most basic, hard and forceful version with yellows, blues and browns with a touch of rust even at a metallic level.


new winter fall colors pointbleu design Packaging trends for 23/24


After the dystopia we have been subjected to through series, enigmatic and dark packaging, it is time to embrace protopia: an attitude focused on progress through tangible solutions. Through the combination of technology, this new mentality seeks to find answers to major environmental problems that require absolute urgency if we want to preserve the planet by seeking the answer to a better future beyond our daily lives.

It doesn’t matter if we are inspired from a digital point of view to reinterpret nature or if nature becomes more technological. The combination of both worlds, both natural ingredients of the great power of mushrooms, meat without animal origin, will influence our designs were inspiration in space, unreal worlds or the future take shape.

Think of the colors: from minerals, lush forests or the mysteries hidden in the depths of the ocean to purples, yellows or metallics worthy of other worlds out of science fiction, anything goes if it makes us dream of a real alternative for a better future.


Autumn winter colors 2 Packaging trends for 23/24

Creative reset

We were looking for it. There are macro trends in design such as vintage or minimalism that never die. However, there is also room for other forms of expression such as fun. We’re talking about the shift from the over-the-top optimism of millennials with the pink or yellow of GenZ to embark on new designs that carry the banner of fun with a purpose.

Trendy collaborations between artists who have nothing to do with each other – J Balvin with Ed Sheeran for example – are transferred to the world of packaging to create new flavors and aesthetics that generate curiosity to celebrate joy as a way of consumption rather than a mere graphic resource. Bold colors such as pink, orange and yellow are combined with dark greens and blues to create an interesting contrast ready to generate a point of happiness in an uncertain world. Taking this world to health food for adults even, beyond vintage or the idea of “stale” can help to express is the dopamine point that transforms products into heroes of everyday life with ultra-bright colors combined with halftones to create an effective contrast.


fall winter colors packaging 3 Packaging trends for 23/24

As you can see, the new packaging trends for 23/24 are full of vibrant colors ready to be mixed with your products and designs. Which one do you think would suit best to your new range of products? At Pointbleu we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us an email at if you are interested to know about what can we do for your brand.

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