Posted on: Nov 20, 2019

What 2019 left us in terms of design

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We all know how important is packaging design in the entire product value chain – it is the very first touchpoint between the brand and consumers and is instrumental in developing their first impression of the product. The product packaging and design is what stays with the consumers, quite literally and figuratively. It is what they carry back home with them and for this reason it is absolutely imperative that brands put together a packaging that is worth being taken home. The last few years have seen a number of interesting design trends dominating brand packaging. Here are some of the key trends expected to pick up this year:

Minimalistic Design: You’d agree, less is more. After all the brightness and colour pop from the last few decades, minimalism in design comes in as a relief. While design minimalism may come across as a safe choice, it is indicative of a lot more. A minimalistic packaging design allows the true essence of a product to shine though. It works wonders in strengthening a brand’s personality as well. A design choice such as this shows that the brand wants to portray the product as it is rather than diverting away focus through a cluttered packaging. The idea is to strip away unnecessary elements from the design so that what remains is uncluttered packaging, keeping the focus on the product integrity instead.

Use of Black and White: Trends come and go but Black and White… Well, is a sure bet. This rather powerful and timeless packaging trend speaks sophistication and minimalism to the T. As a brand, if you’re looking for some breath from colour and wish to draw attention to your packaging design, this is the trend you need to embrace. It also works well in case where the copy needs to be the focal point of the packaging.

Vintage Inspired: Vintage inspired packaging is one of the hottest packaging trends of the year and no matter which part of the world you’re in, if you look around you’ll find brands using it in abundance. Food and beverage brands are especially seen incorporating retro style packaging with a modern twist. Vintage works because it conveys age and pedigree. A retro design lends the product the exclusive feel of a collectible, leaving the consumer feeling like they’ve made a valuable purchase rather than an impulse buy.

Bright Gradients: Gradients continue to be the source of fascination for both designers and consumers. It’s easy to see why – the colour blends from gradients offer creatives an opportunity to make something unique and consumers a fresh and revitalizing take on product packaging. We say it’s a win win for all!

This is just a quick view about what 2019 has given us so far. What novelties will heat up the market in 2020? Stay tuned because in December we will show you the most interesting ones!

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