Posted on: Dec 04, 2019

Packaging Design Trends to Inspire

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Once upon a time, packaging was uninspiring, plain Jane and even hard to open. Not anymore. Today, smart brands understand the brand value that comes with exceptional packaging. If you’re not already investing in your packaging design, you’re missing out on a great branding opportunity. Here are the top packaging trends to follow if you’re looking to stay relevant:

Vintage design has taken over the world of marketing and advertising, like nothing else. Until recently, we saw it only on fashion runways, but now, it is literally everywhere. The food and beverage industry is especially capitalizing on it quite well, with most brands incorporating a vintage elements in their product marketing, especially packaging. Why? Because customers want authenticity and a feel of pedigree – nothing conveys these like vintage does. When approached by Slovenian soft drink brand, Cocta free to create their packaging, we used vintage looking fonts and retro colour patterns to convey quality and authenticity.

Minimalistic design is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Well, simplicity never goes out of style. Minimalistic design is all about keeping the product substance at the forefront and stripping away all non-essential elements. It not only looks elegant but the design simplicity ensures that the visual is not overwhelming for the viewers. The versatility of this trend is something that makes it easy to incorporate – simple shapes, stark background with a bold font and a splash of colours against a neat background are just some of the ways in which it can be achieved. American brand, LARQ’s innovative LARQ bottle design is the best example of a brand packaging keeping the product at the fore front – although bold, the label design remains clean and minimal, communicating only what needs to be told.

Handwritten and handmade effect: A compelling way to make handmade products appealing to consumers is by incorporating handwritten text or add elements that coveys it is handmade. This creates a sense of warmth by evoking old memories. It could be that of good old college days or homemade pasta made by the grandmother- basically, a reminder of good times that went by. For Finnish Pizza brand, Saarioinen Pizza, the challenge was to regain its market share it lost to competition owing to better priced and convenient options like frozen pizzas. We wore our creative hats and decided to focus on Saarioinen’s unique features like its dough and authentic ingredients. We successfully translated this on the packaging using hand-written typefaces and elements like chalkboard to convey the freshness and authenticity of the product.

Black and White: The use of black and white in packaging is quite a trend these days. It may seem restrictive at first but make no mistake, together these colours have the power to make your product stand out like few colours would. Apart from the fact that this combination looks absolutely dynamic, brands also use it to set their packaging apart from that of their competition. An astute designer would use this to draw attention to their unique colourless product packaging in a shelf full of products with over-coloured packaging. Swedish brand, Verso Skincare has made clever use of black and white to create a clean, fuss-free packaging design – an apt message for a skincare product. In a shelf full of coloured products with overwhelming packaging, its spacious and colourless design is a welcome relief.

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