Posted on: May 28, 2021

Packaging Design Trend: ‘70s Nostalgia

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 Packaging is the biggest opportunity for a brand to reinforce their message. They can do this by playing  with emotional associations through colour, typography, and visual direction, so that the first time each audience member engages with the brand they will feel as though they have been submerged in its unique universe, such is the greatness of its visual force, as well as its fitting attention to fashion. Owing to the pandemic, consumers are reflecting more than ever on their physical and mental well-being, entering a kind of time travel where memories are magnified and the insight of “past times were better” reigns supreme. Food and beverage brands are taking advantage of the aesthetics of the 70s, many of which use retro references, an irreverent tone, and bold colours, as well as typefaces and illustrations that convey nostalgic warmth and  bring consumers’ pleasant memories and sensations bubbling up to the surface.

What are the keys to taking advantage of this trend? At PointBleu Design, we would like to offer some tips on how to best create a seventies packaging!

  1. Retro revival: The pandemic has made consumers reflect on their emotional and physical state. Given this new insight, this mentality and cultural movement ought to be communicated through packaging. It calls for the introduction of graphic elements with a retro look, to convey quality and offer an emotional boost.
  2. Rooted transcendence: Tapping into images rooted in hippie culture. This path celebrates the natural world, as well as wisdom that is based on natural remedies and ancient healing.
  3. Psychedelic spiritual: Acid wave aesthetics and references to Eastern spirituality combine to create a kaleidoscope of 1970s-era references.
  4. Funk & soul: primary colours and abstract shapes are juxtaposed to offer a cleaner take on playful 70s maximalism.
  5. Mystical cosmos: retro-futurism, astrology and the occult converge in this seductive and otherworldly approach to packaging design. It aims to connect with a more mystical and spiritual side. In this case, avoid the misuse of religious or culturally sensitive iconography. Esotericism will attract the interest of younger consumers and older consumers will appreciate nostalgia.

1 | Burger King has introduced its first global rebrand in 20 years. The packaging revives the BK label and brand from the years 1969-99. Those responsible for the new design have removed the blue from the logo, erasing the reference to artificial preservatives. This new approach challenges negative perceptions of fast food by making the brand feel less synthetic, artificial, and cheap. To reinforce this nostalgic mood, a colourpalette which is based on all of the 70s and thick serif fonts has been used. The adoption of these newfeatures signifies how the design of Burger King packaging is coming into a retro renaissance.

2 | Nostalgia, created by Lucas Wakamatsu and Bruno Faiotto, focuses its design on hippie culture and the celebration of the natural world. From the retro logo, to the colourful illustrations, the identity seeks to visually translate the memories and feelings that are triggered by each of the five flavours.

3 | Elevation Beer Company uses spiritual psychedelic references to create packaging that impacts the consumer.

4 | Club Kombucha is an alternative to beer. The graphic identity focuses on three concepts: freshness, liveliness and lightness. Using primary colours and abstract shapes, they transport us to Funk & Soul.

5 | Dark Matter Coffee is made up of lush and vibrant hues, with  illustrations that are full of references to the mystical cosmos and astrology.

With an audience that is increasingly younger and more concerned about their well-being, you can connect with them by taking advantage of this new trend.

And you, do you like this new trend? Which example has impacted you the most?

At PointBleu, we would be happy to hear from you!

Credits: WGSN, Burger King, Lucas Wakamatsu & Bruno Faiotto, Elevation Beer Company, Club Kombucha and Dark Matter Coffee.


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