Posted on: Jul 22, 2022

Innovation and trends: nostalgic packaging

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As we touched on in the last post, the Cost of Living is rising and it seems that consumers are looking for comfort in nostalgia and the happy memories of times gone by. While older generations seek their youth, younger generations focus on decades that came before they were even born. This is an incredible opportunity for brands that want to recreate these memories and give their consumers a break from the overwhelming nature of reality. At Pointbleu, we wanted to fully immerse ourselves in nostalgia, and delve into the possibilities that this new trend offers brands. Are you ready? Stay with us to find out all about it!

You may be wondering, why are we getting nostalgic? Well, due to the stress and resentment that current events have caused, we have found ourselves submerged in a search for the tranquility of the past. Peaking during the 2020 lockdown, the data shows that in the past year, consumption of “old-school” snacks rose by 47% in Britain, and #backintheday was one of the most mentioned hashtags on TikTok during the pandemic. Given this, we ask ourselves, how can brands give their consumers that sense of safety first experienced in their childhood?

 There are several ways to bring back the seventies, eighties, and nineties. From products of yesteryear, to the packaging that etched them forever into our memories, the options are numerous. However, they must adapt to current needs. For this reason, it is not about recreating designs from the past, but rather combining those styles with the creation of products and packaging that include everything from sustainability to well-being.

 A good way to get closer to consumers and meet their needs can be through products that remind us of the past and adopt current nutritional requirements. One of the most notable examples is the American PeaTos, which has reformulated its traditional recipe to become a healthy snack based on traditional Cheetos. The new recipe includes ingredients such as organically grown peas or soybeans, giving us a ticket to our childhood, but without neglecting a healthy diet.

Another need addressed by the aforementioned “Comfort Food”, is the fulfillment of environmental requirements. Key methods for this include locally sourced ingredients, plant-based alternatives and a re-envisioning of the original packaging.

Products such as hamburgers, nuggets, or delicious desserts have changed their composition, production, and packaging, with a view to becoming more sustainable. In fact, the American brand Green Mustache has been selling a vegan version of Goldfish Cracker, a popular snack from the 90s. Preserving the packaging of that decade, they have conquered the most nostalgic consumers, providing them with a healthy product that is better than what they remembered, as well as being careful with the environment.

 As a brand, we must bear in mind that consumers are stating a need that can be answered, by appealing to emotion and placing it at the center of product development and design processes. A good start is to maintain the essence of the original product while utilizing a  new formula that cares for the well-being of consumers and keeps environmental care or local influences in mind. Offering our consumers something that goes far beyond simple “releases” gives our brands an indispensable boost and brings joy to many of our buyers. Do not miss the opportunity to conquer them by bringing them back to their childhood. At Pointbleu, we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Photos: Jen Beauchesne  via Pinterest and Unsplash


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