Posted on: Jun 04, 2021

NOLO Drinks

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 COVID-19 has accelerated people’s interest in maintaining good health and cutting down on alcohol, or even quitting in many cases. With this insight, companies have opted for a new market niche, NOLO drinks. They currently own 4% of the global alcoholic beverages market (WGSN, 2021), but this category is growing and diversifying, with alcohol-free takes on crowd favourites, as well as new drinks mixed with carbonated water or fruit. 

But what are NOLO drinks? At PointBleu Design, we give you all the details of this new category! 

The name NOLO comes from No and Low alcohol in English (no alcohol or low alcohol), and is aimed at an audience that cares about their health and physical well-being. These consumers like to go out, but are aware of the risks of excessive alcohol consumption and, for this reason, they try to drink moderately. Others have gone NoLo to keep their diet on-track, to avoid conflicts with their faith or to cut out an ingredient to which they have an intolerance.

Beers, wines, and spirits have created their own NOLO versions. But how do you know if a drink is part of this category? You just have to look at the label: this type of product must have an ABV of less than 1.2%, generally they have an ABV of 0.05% or less. 

What examples can be found on the market? 

NOLO drinks are an invention of the past. More than 10 years ago, Estrella Damm launched its first 0.0 beer on the market, but they had a problem: the beer had little flavour after they had distilled all the alcohol out of it. With the rise of NOLO, Estrella Damm has relaunched its legendary Free Damm, with a new recipe that uses a vacuum distillation technique to remove the alcohol from beer, so that consumers can enjoy 100% of the Estrella Damm flavour, but with 0.0alcohol. 

The world of the night also has its allies. Stryyk is the alcohol-free alcohol brand, an alternative for a new generation of partiers. Strykk Not Vodka is an alcohol-free, 100% natural vodka, without sugar or artificial additives, perfect for creating fantastic cocktails like a Cosmopolitan or a Bloody Mary without having to clash with your friends.  

As mentioned, many seek to address the complaint: What about me?, and produce something that resembles a traditional alcoholic beverage, minus the alcohol. Yet that is not the only approach out there. Launched in 2020, Forrit offers a “spicy lemon twist” balanced with “peach sweetness and a hint of mint freshness.” Bottled at 4.5% ABV, this brand tops the Hard Seltzers category by combining distilled alcohol with sparkling water and natural botanicals. Another product that makes a difference is Truly, offering different styles that include a variety of berries, citrus and tropical fruit. Made without artificial sweeteners or additives, it contains 5% ABV and is truly natural. 

NOLO drinks are perfect for a consumer who is increasingly aware of their well-being, but is also looking for new experiences and, as such, will pay more for a quality product that is memorable and increases their wellbeing and enjoyment. 

And you, do you dare to try NOLO drinks? 

At Pointbleu Design we would be delighted to hear from you!

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