Posted on: Sep 17, 2020

Increase your Productivity Remotely

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With the pandemic that has come upon us, we have learned that working remotely can be a challenge in terms of team work, as well as an opportunity to increase our digital and creative skills.

At Pointbleu, we have been working remotely for over 8 years with teams of collaborators from all over the world, as well as international clients. By organizing work sessions, workshops and meetings we have designed a methodology that allows us to keep our workflow going and to focus the ideas of both parties towards a common goal.

WARNING! This article is zero inbox-friendly, so it may be stifling to the sensibilities of all those who like to send changes, comments, versions, tasks and more than 30 emails a day on the same topic 😉




Fantastic for weekly planning, so that all the members of your team know what phase of the project they are in and what their tasks are.

Trello also goes further by allowing you to assign tasks to team members once your part is done, share your comments with everyone and even link them to other applications that will increase your productivity.

Trello, in our strategy team, is very useful as a shared post-it board. There we can pour out all the ideas we have about a topic and then divide them into different creative territories based on what they have in common, their brand essence or the initial approach to a project.



Are you a fan of to-do lists? So are we! Todoist allows us to create task lists based on different projects that, in addition to assigning them to others, allow us to create direct links to our OneDrive. The tags allow us to mark the status (pending, in progress, approved) and carry out related tasks, as well as programming reminders or recurring tasks so we don’t miss anything. You can work in Han Solo mode or as a team. It just works so well!



Everything in the cloud

Whether you’re a OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud fan, it’s all the same. All platforms allow you to work collaboratively on the same document, avoiding the usual 30 emails with different versions that always get messed up, and the disaster that occurs when changes are lost. Since OneDrive is linked to Microsoft, it is a luxury to edit Word documents from Microsoft Word or the online version, which allows users to follow changes and comments, all in one single version. Magic, right? Wait until you edit your Keynotes remotely with iCloud, it’s like butter and marmalade on freshly made toast – perfect!

It generates ideas exponentially

Simple Mind+ or Mindly are two fantastic tools that will allow you to create mind maps in a second. Their attractive design allows you to include them in any presentation or report you need. Plus, the app version will make sure you don’t lose an idea whether you’re in bed, in a rush or under the shower!


Let your imagination run wild

If you don’t have a design team at hand, you can always count on your talent and Canva or Genially. From the templates they propose, you will be able to create original covers or even posts so that you can muddle through  and deal with social networking on your own . Something that is much in the same vein, but can be used for editing short videos is Clipchamp, which is very easy and intuitive to use. Give it a try!

If you need to capture the screen to show how Zoom works for the umpteenth time, try ScreenCast-o-matic. With this program you can easily record mouse movements to create tutorials about programs or even record presentations to send to colleagues who have not been able to attend.



Be inspired like never before

Pinterest, Tik Tok or Instagram are social networks with a lot of ideas to inspire you. In addition to the online magazines there are also free or low-cost courses to help you get through work from home on another level. Domestika, Coursera, Linkedin or Blinkist have courses for advanced Excel, social network management or management skills in times of crisis, as well as motivational briefing books that are sure to interest you and your colleagues. Create a wiki or collaborative blog with the knowledge you have acquired and hold a meeting every 15 days or once-monthly with these findings, so that your whole team is up-to-date.

As you can see, working remotely can help you to arm yourself with digital resources that allow you to prepare for the return to school with even more strength and ingenuity.


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