Posted on: Apr 01, 2020

How to Be an Irresistible BroadBrand

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Why podcasts are so popular and how can to learn their tricks to create a magnetic personality for your brand.

Imagine entering a chocolate shop where chocolate is served as you like, with the service you deserve and decorations that make you feel at home… What if, in addition, this chocolate shop was different, unique to each consumer that come in? Congrats, you know why podcasts succeed.

This medium does not enforce, it whispers. It allows you to do your tasks without claiming your attention or forcing you to stand and stare a screen. It provides information so that one can enjoy it how and where he wants, imagining people, the setting as he likes. Also, due to the great affinity they generate with their audience, podcasts have become custom pieces. It came to a point where audiences suggest ideas to broadcasters on who to interview including what topic they can cover in the next episode. Can you imagine having such crystal-clear feedback from your audience? Let’s see how podcasts have done it.


An old acquaintance

Podcasts magic is not new. Not even the name. In fact, the word was invented in 2004 by Hammersley (The Guardian), which is a mix between iPod and streaming though it wasn’t until 2005 that Apple made them popular. Who remembers that weird iPod icon in the form of a microphone? Exactly. That is a podcast.

Back then, we were so fascinated to finally be able to access so much music legally on iTunes that podcasts went by without penalty or glory.

It was not until relatively recently that influential characters from the world of social media have found podcasts as a platform where they can spread out and talk about what they like best for free. Reason is not lacking. A podcast is much easier to produce and costs much less than a good set equipment, putting aside the embarrassment of being seen on a YouTube screen which is why consumers love it.

Precisely because the brand or podcaster/announcer, through his tone of voice and personality manages to break barriers with the listener by allowing to project himself so that he can live his own experience. Replace the packaging with the harmony with which your brand begins, choose a theme and close your eyes because we are going to create your broadbrand.

How to create your broadbrand?

Do you remember Coca-Cola vs Pepsi blindfolded advert? Those are podcasts buddy. A blind proof of what your brand really is. Close your eyes and visualize it. How do you imagine it? Man or woman? Mature or young? Wild or rigorous in your comments? Ready to make you enjoy yourself or to binge on data? Podcasts are authentic listening series in which each chapter becomes an opportunity to entertain your audience and make your brand their own.

Remember that the positioning of your brand is not what you think it is. It is what others think of it. Podcasts leave this freedom for consumers, like Hansel and Gretel, to tie ends and imagine your little chocolate house.

This is the case of podcasts such as General Electrics that launched its Stranger Things version, a science fiction podcast about paranormal phenomena. Or Sephora who, through the GirlBoss #lipstories communicates about different types of women entrepreneurs. There is even Umpqua Bank who gives advice on how to manage your money to go on vacation.

As you can see, if you want to establish a strong and lasting relationship with your consumers, the key is your personality. Forget about your social networks or your last campaign, close your eyes and think who do you see when you imagine your brand? What topic does he want to talk to you about? Is it male or female? Serious and efficient or just a good friend willing to give you advice? Keep asking yourself or ask us, we will be happy to help you put a name and surname to the personality of your brand.

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