Posted on: Apr 22, 2020

How Brands can Help Battle Consumer Burnout

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The always-on lifestyle comes at a cost. This need to constantly be on fire, be it personally or professionally is causing consumers to experience a new state of depleted physical and mental resources. The Burnout. Burnout is the main cause of a wide number of diseases and why people are leaving companies, changing jobs and rethinking alternate careers. Now consumers are looking up to brands to help them battle it. But first, let’s understand just how this burnout situation spiraled out of control.

A large number of people are looking for more than just materialistic satisfaction from their work; they look for a sense of fulfilment. As per a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 95% American teens stated that ‘having a job or career they enjoy’ would be ‘extremely or very important’ to them. When their reality doesn’t match with the expectations? Poof. That’s where it all begins. We cannot stress enough on just how big an impact burnout has on the occurrence of serious medical problems such as diabetes, mental illnesses, high cholesterol and even death. As matter of fact, according to estimates, the cost of mental illnesses is set to spike to an all time high of USD 16 Trillion by 2030.

It’s time for brands to take the lead here and do their bit towards reducing burnout by creating meaningful & engaging workplace improvements for employees and consumers. According to a 2019 Cigna study, 76%people believe the onus for employees’ health and well-being lies on the employers. Companies that offer more than just financial stability, that help employees realise their own dreams and combining work with personal life. Surely, there are quite a few making attempts to step up – WPP Health Practice has partnered with health-tech start-up Biobeats to “plan for future well-being and mental health support for employees” by tracking their stress levels and creating personalised relaxation plans for each employee. Definitely a first!

Brands need to operate from the space of understanding that employees are at the core of the brand. In fact, they are the brand experience, more or less bringing the brand to life by the way they look and interacting with it. Thus, it is important to create a workplace of the future, one that enables a collaborative environment for employees and customers to come together. That’s exactly what Microsoft has attempted with its recently launched Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore. The office is designed to look like a flagship store with carefully curated immersive experiences designed to bring the brand to life.

On the other hand, there are organisations that are creating unique platforms for people, both consumers and employees, to acknowledge and release their everyday frustrations, through various initiatives. During the 2019 New York Design Week, American design studio, donttakethisthewrongway  installed a serious of bright yellow punching bags across the city. Visitors could freely punch the bags and de-stress as they walked across the street or waited to cross! The idea was to create a healthy outlet for one to vent out their frustration in a public set-up.

Aware of the human tendency to burnout more than ever before, consumers and brands are together working towards making 2020 the year to find one’s balance. So, what initiatives are you taking this year to help your employees battle burnout?

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