Posted on: Jun 06, 2019

Game-changing Baby Trends

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The baby care sector is a one with massive growth and innovation prospects dictated by consumers’ ever-evolving demands. We’ve got all the intel on what’s trending this year and here’s a round-up of the top baby care trends making waves currently:

1.Natural elements in the nursery: Quite often, we see nursery trends mirroring design trends seen in the rest of the home and it looks like this year is no different. One trend that has been gaining popularity since the last couple of years is nature-inspired designs. Whether this trend is catching on because of the rapid endangerment of nature or simply because it’s interesting, the fact of the matter is, natural elements in nurseries are turning out to be a big hit. If you scroll through Instagram alone, you’ll find an overwhelming number of nursery imagery with nature-inspired décor. Incidentally, the Pantone colour for 2019 happens to be Living Coral, described as “a nurturing colour appearing in our natural surrounding”, which fits in just fine with this trend! 

2.Personalized baby-care products: The baby care industry is no exception to the trend of product personalization. Apart from lending a certain appeal to a product, it also makes for an excellent marketing strategy, one that brands in baby care are making sure they utilize well. Late last year, Unilever brand, Dove ran a campaign called ‘My Baby Love’ as a part which parents were able to personalize their baby’s Dove products by adding their name on the product packaging.

3. Baby monitors: With sleep deprived new parents looking for that ‘something’ to help them and their babies get good sleep, it is technology that has come to their aid. This year, the sleep technology trend has taken off like never before with a number of astounding technological inventions in the form of next-gen Baby Monitors. Some of these baby monitors are advanced enough to detect real-time breathing of babies, alert parents of the changes in their baby’s vitals and even whisper “I love you” to them from any part of the world.

4. Gender-neutral Nursery: As per a recent research by Pinterest, there has been an increase of more than 50% in the search for gender-neutral nursery décor, indicating a positive mindset shift in new parents, avoiding gender stereotyping their babies. Instead, what more and more parents are doing these days is designing a more style consciousand sophisticated space that allows itself to grow with the baby. Goodbye “girly pink” and “baby boy blue” nurseries. Can’t say we’ll miss you! 

5. Sustainable Toys: With all the right kind of noise around environment conservation, it is no surprise that the sentiment is transcending in the baby care industry as well. This year, expect to see brands selling environment-friendly products gain more popularity. As parents get more environment conscious in their choice of baby products, it looks like toys made of sustainable materials are all set to be a rage this year. We’re not complaining.

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