Posted on: Jun 11, 2021

Food & Drink Personas 2023

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The new profiles of food and drink consumers have changed. After having dealt with an uncertain future, each of them has a set of values and priorities which are motivated by new energy and purpose.

We start with the collective visionaries. They are  activists, using the power of community and networking to generate change, whilst always supporting sustainability, equity and problem solving. They aspire to become citizens of the world; they do not seek to be from a specific place or to establish their life at a certain point. When shopping, they do so according to their beliefs, looking for foods that reflect diverse culinary roots (made with ingredients grown by locals from all corners of the world), with seasonal ingredients. This type of consumer supports start-ups that work locally to reduce food waste, hunger and environmental damage. We find Millennials and the older members of generation Z in this consumer group, refusing to settle for less and fighting to defend their rights.

Secondly, we find the optimizers. They are expert multitaskers, and their purchase decisions revolve around important considerations such as health, taste, and comfort, which they find via alternative and intelligent solutions. They want to elevate the everyday so, when shopping, they rely on technology to look for products that have added value such as flavour combined with functionality. For example, an ice cream with probiotic benefits or chocolate with added nutrients are just the type of products that this consumer is looking for. We find the oldest of the Millennials, generation X and the Boomers known as comforters in this group, searching to experience true comfort, without ever leaving their home.

Thirdly, we would like to introduce the so-called rooted transcendent consumers. This type of consumer supports local economies and agricultural biodiversity, as they prefer nutritious whole foods and are deeply rooted in pursuing their physical and emotional wellbeing through traditional medicine. When they’re not growing their own veggies or looking for ingredients in season, they’re checking labels, researching supply chains, or rewarding brands with science-backed credentials. Fermented beverages that are rich in probiotics have become an example of a category of star products that perfectly target this consumer. 

Within this group, it is perhaps the most popular of products among all generations, from boomers to Millennials. It connects above all with the New Romantics, who have found refuge in smaller communities where they can sense a stronger urgency to connect and bond with nature.

Finally, the sensory seekers, characterized by being the first to try different flavours. These experiencers seek innovation in technology, and being  open-minded, they are willing to be surprised. They adopt products from all over the world into their consumption habits and develop new culinary techniques. Digital also plays an important role in the discovery of new kitchens. Generation Z and younger Millennials are aligned with this consumer group and both seek the products that allow them to indulge and experiment.

There are certain brands that are already implementing various strategies to reach these consumer profiles. An example is Yindii, aligned with the first target, which connects consumers with unsold meals from restaurants and stores. Its goal is to reduce food waste and benefit shoppers who save 50% or more when they salvage meals. Another example is Comunità Frizzante, an Italian carbonated drink from Trentino, which has created its mixes of fruit juices and local botanicals from recipes   thought up as part of a collaboration with local residents. Then there’s MealMe, which allows users to browse a wider selection of restaurants than any other food delivery app and compare delivery times and prices to find the best deal.

How will these consumers evolve? Are you clear on what type of consumer you gravitate towards?

At Pointbleu Design, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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