Posted on: Sep 18, 2019

Food & Drink Trends for 2020

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“Food and drink trends, even though sometimes short-lived, are extremely impactful and powerful”

Food and Drinks trends sound like something transient, right? On the contrary, food and drink trends, even though sometimes short-lived, are extremely impactful and powerful. Remember when the Quinoa trend took over almost two decades back and what happened as a result of it? The prices of Quinoa went up by a crazy 500% as a result of which, the very farmers who grew the crop couldn’t afford anymore what was once their staple diet! It is therefore crucial that businesses study the market and anticipate important food and drink trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. Below is our prediction of the top trends likely to take over the world of food and drinks in 2020.

Gone are the days when dining out was just about food. Today, consumers want more than just good food; they look for experiences. Right from making a reservation to eating the dessert, everything is viewed from the experience-lens that determines the consumers’ overall satisfaction, subsequently affecting whether they would want to come back to the same restaurant or look for another option. Good food alone is just not good enough.

More and more people are looking for exceptional experiences. We’re talking innovative dining concepts, unique locations, food theatrics and so on. An interesting observation that has come to light is that not only do consumers thrive on unique dining experiences, they are also ready to pay a premium for them.  This is definitely encouraging for dining establishments and chefs, enabling them to come up with unique propositions that set apart their offering from the rest. Expect exciting innovations in the times to come!

Considering the fast-paced life we’re living, it’s not entirely surprising that that the meal-delivery market is growing by leaps and bounds. Convenience is the key here. We live in times when we’re perpetually in a hurry to get somewhere or leave from some place, start something or finish it, all in the blink of an eyelid. No wonder that the food-delivery market is expected to grow by 15% by 2020. Get ready to see a lot more eat-on-the go food options, delivery-specific menus as well as emergence of facilities like shorter parking time slots and delivery driver access.  This is not so much of a new trend, rather one that is likely to scale up to the next level in the coming year.

Another trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down is the bent towards natural ingredients and organically produced foods. Infact, 2020 looks like the year of full bloom for this trend. Organic products are popping up on supermarket shelves more than ever and consumers across seem to have become more conscious about the food they’re putting on their plates and its traceability.

This also ties in with a greater awareness of their expected role in food sustainability where they care about more than just the end product. Armed with an increased knowledge of global warming, detrimental effects of plastic and the destruction of rainforests, consumers are rooting for and demanding sustainability in all stages of the value chain. Not only are they rejecting foods with artificial additives and preservatives, they also are disassociating with food brands low on sustainable practices in their choice of ingredients as well as packaging. 

All said and done, the customer is the king. Brands and restaurants must drive consumer engagement and earn their loyalty by delivering on their ever-changing needs.

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