Posted on: Aug 31, 2022

Food and Drink Personas for 2024: The Experientialist

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We are coming to the end of the current series “Food and Drink Personas” and in today’s post, we will be commenting on “The Experientialist”. This type of consumer puts aside concerns about their wellbeing to focus on what new culinary culture has to offer. 

Driven by the sensation of venturing into new worlds of flavour, The Experientialist seeks to discover gastronomic sensations that are outside the norm. They are consumers concentrated among Generation Z and younger Millennials, who have grown up and are more than used to periods of crisis and uncertainty. Being raised in an unpredictable world has made them value the everyday and clamour to experience its most novel surprises. Discovering new flavours and foods is of great value to them, which is why they are not afraid to try products that might seem strange to the rest of us. 

 For all these reasons, they trust creators who have something to tell, especially those whose products have a story behind them. They look for innovation and risk, supported by their new ways of thinking and powered on by their open minds, which are always up for hearing new ideas. They will try to understand the gears and cogs behind each product they buy or restaurant they try, and establish a connection with its creator. They will go for culinary realities outside their sphere, digital gastronomic experiences and much like the Collective Guardians, chefs and producers who are not well-known.

The Experientialist will opt for alternatives such as Higher Order, the brainchild of Australian creators that takes an Asian flair and  turns the experience of dining out into something multi-sensory. With scheduled sessions, sitting around a table takes on futuristic notes that combine the digital with the performative. Not to be missed. 

As we also saw with the “Conscious Curators”, technology plays a very important role in the day-to-day life of The Experientialist. Becoming the first “phygital foodies”, they will be the ones to start experimenting with technology in gastronomy. This will range from the inclusion of robots as waiters, which has been a reality for years, to adapting food to the metaverse.

In order to satisfy the needs of this type of consumer, it is essential that brands commit to new experiences and innovation. All of this, although it involves significant risk, will lead to new opportunities, and allow us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of what can be found on offer. Bearing in mind that technology is advancing at great speed, introducing it into the gastronomic market will position us as an innovative brand in the eyes of the consumer, an opportunity that is not to be missed. 

We are coming to the end of this series about the future “Food and Drink Personas”. Don’t miss our next post, which will be coming to you, as always, from Pointbleu.  

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