Posted on: Aug 11, 2022

Food and Drink personas for 2024: The Mindful Nurturist

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As we change, so does the way we eat. And just like every year, we are bringing you the 5 personalities who sum up the food and drink consumption trends of our consumers. This tool will allow us to get closer to them and find out what their priorities are. At Pointbleu, we will analyse these groups one by one, giving you the top tips for the future of your brand or business. Don’t miss anything!

First, we present the “Mindful Nurturist”: a group concerned about the future who – with the current pandemic and crisis – oppose the daily grind, focusing on their physical and emotional well-being, as well as that of their community and the planet. Among this group, we find generation Z, Millennials, X and Boomers. Concerned about living consciously and holistically, they look for seasonal products in their daily lives, as well as those of local producers, and all preferably served up alongside sustainable packaging and distribution.

In terms of brands, this group is particularly fond of those that strive for a more sustainable future, starting with helping the community. Thus, Mindful Nurturists will trust companies that ensure good practices in terms of production and distribution, opting for traditional products and recipes. An example of this is The TCM Chef from Singapore, who works tirelessly to deliver innovative recipes inspired by traditional medicine, all the while remaining respectful of its past and mindful of its legacy as a means to bolster one’s health. 

If you are wondering how to deal with this type of consumer, you should know that they prioritise brands that make them feel safe, connected, and cared for, from the inside out, at all times. It is a ritual similar to self-care, but adapted to food and drink. For this reason, the smallest details of any product’s production must be accounted for: from the final result to its process, packaging, employees, producers and retail. A 360° revolution. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at Happy Station by the Italian ADML Circle, who manage to meet 100% of the needs of the Mindful Nurturist: through homes located in olive groves and vineyards, the community regulates itself through its own production, closing the sustainable circle that this type of consumer is looking for.  

Nor is it necessary to go this far to satisfy the needs of Mindful Nurturists. If you are looking to reach them, a good starting point might be basing your product on taking care of them, along with the world around them. Although if you can, try to clearly, tangibly promote different forms of wellbeing, considering each generation, origin, and reality. In view of this, and being aware of the trust that consumers place in this type of brand, one ought to be 100% clear. Maintaining brand values and relying on evidence to justify the benefits of a product will prove paramount. This will not only be more relevant to them, but you will also make your brand a benchmark for their lifestyle. 

As you can see, at Pointbleu we support all brands in understanding how their consumers are, and how they will behave in the coming years, both at a strategic and creative level. Stay with us to find out more in the coming weeks. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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