Posted on: Aug 18, 2022

Food and Drink Personas for 2024: Conscious Curators

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In our last post we explored the characteristics of the first group within the “Food and Drink Personas”, the Mindful Nurturists. As we saw, they strive daily to maintain their wellbeing in a holistic way, while caring for their community and the planet. In this post we will talk about the Conscious Curators, a group similar to the previous one, albeit for their efforts  to strengthen their physical and mental health, by taking control of their daily lives. Stay with us to find out all about them. 

As we mentioned in our previous post, the pandemic and subsequent crisis have made many people and households question their eating habits. Like the Mindful Nurturists, the Conscious Curators have been overwhelmed by the current situation, due to the climate, social and economic crises. This type of consumer will try to keep the chaos under control by managing their home in a rational way, opting for choices that help them to keep their health, and that of the planet, under control. 

To achieve this, Conscious Curators will turn to options that simplify their efforts to stay nourished and fit, seeking out solutions that help them feel effortlessly healthy. They will also go for brands with which they share goals and values, who provide solutions to problems within our present system. Importantly, these consumers will look to technology for help, such as online and subscription shopping services, as well as digital platforms that give them access to clear information about what they eat and drink. Contactless shopping and delivery options are also among the favourite alternatives for Conscious Curators. These allow them to keep track of what they consume, as well as the process leading up to it. Just like Mindful Nurturists, they will support brands that have a clear environmental responsibility, as well as local brands that produce local products. However, they will always do so in a rational and conscious way, taking into account that it does not involve a great effort for them and their families. 

Options such as GoodDot, from India, make the wishes of the Conscious Curators a reality. This brand, one of the plant-based meat giants, has implemented a local delivery system, whereby customers’ groceries are delivered to their homes in less than 30 minutes. 

Such applications of technology in our daily lives and what we eat will play a major role in the development of these consumers. These innovations make it easier for them to live and eat at home, to look after their health and that of the planet, and to boost local economies. As a brand, one can offer products that help them achieve that wellbeing they are seeking, by way of honest products,  free of needlessly bothersome marketing and promotions. It is important to act in a sustainable way, to inspire trust in the consumer and allow them peace of mind. It is also necessary that the consumer find the offer to be clear and accessible, even if technology plays a large role. Finally, much like any field, these consumers will follow in the footsteps of online influencers, so collaborating with them is a big step. Despite their specific requirements, reaching and convincing this type of consumer is within our reach. If you want to know more, don’t miss our next post!


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