Effective Ways to Use Colors to Boost Your Business

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As per a study called Impact of Colors on Marketing, about 62 to 90% of assessments made by consumers are based on color alone and this takes place within the first 90 seconds of their interaction with a company’s branding and products! Colors play a crucial role in branding and can prove to be a powerful factor in turning things around for a company. The key is to figure out which ones work for your brand right at the very beginning and then stick to it! Read on for some interesting traits of the most powerful colors in the spectrum.
Red is one of the most powerful colors of the lot. If there is one word that it co-relates with the most, it is urgency. It is also associated with power and triggers action immediately. It is great to use for the ‘Buy Now’ button on websites of businesses, wherein the consumer is ready to make their purchase. The red color further instigates the consumer to purchase without delay. Perhaps now we know why Coca-Cola is so persuasive to even change the color of Santa Claus from green to red.

Traditionally, the color Yellow stands for warmth and happiness. Did you know that it is also the most noticeable amongst all colors, especially from the peripheral vision? A brand that has cleverly integrated both red and yellow in their branding is McDonald’s – it uses these high-energy, appetite inducing colors that have an obvious appeal amongst children. While Ronald McDonald is undoubtedly a favorite of children, the substantial use of red is good enough to agitate parents thus resulting in fast customer turnaround!
The color Orange brings together the energy of Red and the happiness of Yellow. It represents enthusiasm, sunshine, joy and creativity. As a part of our collaboration with Croatian brand, Cedevita, we zeroed in on orange color to integrate in its packaging, as it is completely in line with the brand personality that Cedevita aimed to establish. We are proud to have executed a successful branding exercise for Cedevita, by choosing a color that goes best with the brand’s personality!

Blue denotes calm, serenity and tranquility and makes for an ideal choice for financial institutions.It also stands for care, strength and dependability, which is why we find most hospitals and healthcare associating with blue. Colors can help brands boost sales – unlike a red that triggers purchase intent, blue helps deal with the anxiety that comes with it. For this reason, blue is the ideal choice for conversion elements and background in websites for anxiety-triggering businesses like finance and medicines. A brand that has made optimal use of this color is PayPal – the light blue on its website conveys a sense of freedom and security while the darker blue conveys seriousness and intelligence. Computing giant Dell too seems to have got their color theory right – they use blue for all their product pages, conveying reliability as well as intelligence, while the offer banners all in red, convey a sense of urgency.
Apart from Red, Green too makes for a great choice for a ‘Call to Action’ or a ‘Buy button’. Having said that, primarily it is a color associated with all things environment, natural and organic. Which is why, businesses whose audience appreciates or looks for these qualities, can consider opting for green in their branding efforts, even if there is no direct connection between the two. Case in point – yoga studios that integrate green in their marketing communication, might not be doing so necessarily because they are environment friendly but the audience for both is similar. On the other hand stands Starbucks, one of the few global brands to use green as their primary color. The use of green indicates Starbucks’ strategic positioning as a brand that promotes well-being and encourages customers to come and de-stress through a coffee break at their cafes.

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