Posted on: May 14, 2020 Art Against the Covid-19

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Create art is a talent, donate art it’s a necessary action in these times. Times when the confinement’s announcement by the Spanish Govern awakened the Pointbleu team’s desire to help and contribute to the fight against the virus. But, how a branding and packaging agency can help in the middle of a health crisis? By doing exactly what it does best: art. And so, the initiative was born by the collaboration of the whole team. Illustrators, designers or artists who want to join the initiative just have to donate their pieces of art. Then users can enjoy it through a free download that has been enabled on the official website of In exchange, a donation is requested to contribute to the crowdfunding in favour of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona which has been activated from the website

The initiative was activated against the clock in order to offer help and support to the ICUs of the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona as soon as possible. For this purpose, Clicko – the company that programmed the website – and more than 45 artists, including Javier Royo, Laura Liedo and Clara Lousa, were involved. Thanks to all of them, today it is possible to choose an illustration from more than 80 illustrations available on and download it in the format chosen by the user. An A4 to print and decorate the houses in confinement, a wallpaper to bring a touch of colour in our smartphones or a postcard to send love to our loved ones far away. Once the design has been chosen, the user can access, the crowdfunding platform, and make the contribution.

Day by day, the work has grown. From the creation of the logo to the graphics for the official website and the Instagram account, that achieved a 121,000 users reach throughout the first month of activation, to become a success not only for all the teams involved, but also for the media such as IPmark and InfoPack who have decided to publish on their digital pages.

Considering the good repercussion that Donarte collected in social media and media, the Pointbleu team has decided to bet and praise this crowdfunding action to give the opportunity to all those artists who still want to donate their work to get more help for the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona where friends of the agency are fighting face to face with this pandemic.

Donating, as possible, is important. Pointbleu has been fully involved in the project with its designers and strategic team and calls – once again – on all those artists and art lovers who want to join the cause. All they have to do is contact the agency and donate a piece of art at or choose your favorite piece and click on the “donate” button.


Artists collaborating so far: 45 artists including Javier Royo, Laura Liedo and Clara Lousa among others
Designs donated so far: more than 80
Donations so far: 71
Money collected so far: €1,716.00



Campaign manager: Pointbleu Design
Beneficiary: Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Barcelona.
Official website of the campaign:
Official email for collaborations:
Instagram: donarte_org
Telephone: +34 644 671 868


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