Posted on: Sep 10, 2020

Diving into your Brand Essence

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If we stop to think about a brand, our memory will remember its colour, followed by the logo and finally the packaging that identifies your product. This entire set of images – in addition to its communication in any medium – can be defined as the brand image. It attracts us visually and, after a strategy and exhaustive analysis, manages to connect directly with the consumer’s perception of this brand.


Of course, creating a strong connection between what is being sold and the needs of consumers is the primary goal for any brand. Building a link between what the brand is (identity) and what consumers perceive (image), and then finding the point of differentiation between oneself and all the other competitors, is the basis for any successful brand. In this sense, the brand essence goes beyond the rational benefit. We are talking about an essence, something intangible but perceptive that summarizes the emotional benefit that a consumer will experience if he or she buys this brand, rather than that of its competitor.


As you can see, the behaviour of a brand essence is more subtle. It deals directly with emotions and sensations. In order to create a brand essence that resonates with consumers, it must above all be consistent.


Therefore, the objectives of the company, as well as both the vision and mission, must resonate with the idea put forth by the brand, along with not only its personality but also its brand values. This can be summarized by answering one question:  What will the consumer feel when buying this brand?


To help us with this process, the fundamental starting point is the Brand Essence, which starts with the development of your strategy and extends to such a point that it charts the course for the future.


So, what is a Brand Essence? To define the Brand Essence that best suits your company, you need to understand what makes your brand unique. It is not an easy game to play, since the key is to know how to transmit emotions and values as if the brand itself were just another human being.


How do I know that my brand essence is the right one?

Defining your brand essence requires internally undertaking thorough and careful work in terms of your company, your brand and your consumers’ expectations. This work is usually carried out either by the marketing department itself or by agencies specialized in branding and packaging that have vast experience not only in your sector but also in related sectors. And, of course, they must have international experience to help you find a brand essence that is:

Unique. In a world where innovation leaves less and less room for differentiation, the emotional promise of your Brand Essence must provide a different vision of how to see things.


Based on consumer insight. Let’s not forget, our brand responds to the truth we offer our consumers. If this truth is irrelevant to them, we will be creating products for ourselves. Being relevant starts with knowing what the consumer wants and how they want it. From our brand essence we can respond to the emotions that our consumers want to experience, or those that they might want to find some escape from.

Consistent across all channels. The same emotional idea put forth in a brand logo should resonate in its communication slogans, or even in the physical spaces where we interact with it.


Scalable. An essence brand that, for example, transmits happiness to its consumers can be simple, but at the same time so great. The Coca-Cola brand has used it since the beginning of its enterprise and has always been faithful to it. Hence its success and consistency over Pepsi, or other supermarket brands in the midst of the crisis.


If you are building your brand from scratch, or you are in the midst of a renovation process and need a hand with sorting through ideas and establishing the perfect Brand Essence, don’t hesitate to contact us at for a chat about the future of your brand!


In the meantime, you can visit our website with all the Brand Essences we have created for our customers, and we look forward to seeing you!

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