Posted on: May 23, 2019

Dessert Trends 2019

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With all the conversation around healthy eating, the overarching focus is shifting towards “clean foods”that are plant-based, contain low sodium and natural sugars and at the same time are safe for the environment and the society. Today more than ever, consumers are aware of what they eat, where it is coming from and what’s in it. These factors are driving the development of new products across categories, including desserts. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular dessert trends for this year:

A number of people are giving up dairy these days, some because of their intolerance towards it and the others because they choose to, largely for the unethical practices involved in the dairy industry. There’s no doubt that dairy has been an important ingredient as far as the confectionary industry is concerned. Be it chocolates, ice cream or cakes, in the past one couldn’t really imagine hogging on desserts not containing milk in some or the other form.

Today, adapting to changing times, confectioners are focussing on creating dairy-free desserts to cater to this new consumption trend. Especially in categories like ice creams, there are lots of choices available – there are ice creams made using soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk and more. In fact, ice cream giants like Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs have come up with a whole range of dairy free ice cream products. Slowly and surely, the dairy-free trend is gathering momentum in other dessert categories as well.

Plant-based desserts too are not far behind in claiming their place in 2019. While vegan food has indeed been gaining popularity all over the world, there haven’t exactly been plenty of options when it comes to vegan desserts. Looks like that will change this year. Plant-based desserts i.e. those made without staples like eggs, milk, butter and cheese are on the verge of going mainstream, so good news all you vegans out there!

With consumers getting more conscious of what they put on their plate, armed with the knowledge about the health effects of processed sugar, a lot of them are looking for cleaner alternatives. Natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar are getting more takers and subsequently confectionary brands too are adapting and offering consumers what they’re looking for – something that satiate their sweet tooth without the detrimental effects of processed sugar.

As the world rapidly strides towards a healthy lifestyle, indulging in desserts come across as a bit of a contradiction to this, doesn’t it? Undoubtedly, the societal thought process that “too much of desserts” are the cause for an unhealthy body does have some truth in it. But who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Portioning is everything and this balanced perspective has lead confectioneries to come up with a unique solution to address the issue of overindulgence. From huge pieces of desserts, they’ve modified their menus to offer bite-sized treats that are just enough to satisfy their cravings without depriving them of their favourite desserts. It helps combat food wastage as well – a win-win for both providers and consumers.

As is evident, in 2019 the focus will primarily be on clean desserts with high nutritional value and minimum adverse effects on health. The whole Vegan Revolution is undoubtedly at the centre of it and it is important that dessert businesses keep this mega trend in mind when creating new products.

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