Dental Trends 2019

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Recent research indicates a strong link between oral health and that of the rest of the body. There are studies that demonstrate that poor oral health increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some studies also suggest that mothers-to-be with gum diseases are at a higher risk of delivering pre-mature, under-weight babies. The World Health Organization has gone so far as to state that poor oral health not just affects how you eat and sleep, but is also a reflection of your psychological well-being.  With this awareness, more and more people are making their mouth health a serious priority, beyond the bare minimum “brush twice a day and floss” activity. With dental care all set to play a more prominent role in self-care in the times to come, let’s have a look at some of the most promising dental trends for the year:

The latest trend in orthodontics that ‘s creating a stir around the globe is Invisible Aligners– perfect for those looking for a solution to crooked, spaced out teeth and other oral flaws without having to wear unattractive fixed metal braces.  Being touted as a revolution in the world of orthodontics, invisible aligners are more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces and are said to be highly effective for adults and teens. Last year the largest producer of Invisible aligners, Invisalign introduced its latest product for kids as young as 6 years, but was received with a fair share of scepticism around its effectiveness. The reason is that young kids’ teeth are more complicated than that of adults as their teeth continue to grow and develop till they reach a certain age. However, the final jury on this one is yet to come out so we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Next up – teeth whitening. It’s a massive industry with people spending a whopping $11 billion globally on whitening products annually! There are few things more unattractive than stained teeth and with so many teeth whitening products readily available in the market, these numbers are not entirely surprising. The comprehensive range of products available in the market, such as whitening gums and toothpastes means there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a DIY kit or the comfort of a dentist’s clinic.

Teeth whitening comes with its own set of cons though. It doesn’t work well on teeth with fillings & crowns and is also said to cause tooth sensitivity in some people. Some studies also suggest that the bleaching agents in tooth whitening products may lead to nerve damage and tooth pitting. Considering its long-term effects haven’t been fully tested yet, it’s best to check with your dentist before going ahead, to ensure you stick to products that are effective and safe to be used.

Capitalizing on the hottest trend in dental care, a number of brands have jumped on the bandwagon with their offering of “toothbrush subscriptions”.  American electric toothbrush start-up, Quip offers a travel-friendly subscription box was to make caring for your teeth something to look forward to rather than a chore. Their starter kit includes oral care basics like toothpaste, toothbrush and a protective cover while other kits offer products depending on the level of care required. The whole idea behind this subscription concept is to put more focus on dental-care at home.

If you love going to the spa but cringe at the thought of going to the dentist, you’ll want to read this. That unmistakable smell associated with dental clinics, the shrill dental drill and the glare of the bright lights is no one’s idea of a good time. Dental anxiety is real. Don’t be surprised to learn that a majority of people get dental anxiety to the extent that it results in them avoiding going a visit to the dentist altogether. This is exactly why more dentists are attempting to make patients’ dental visits comfortable and even enjoyable by giving their clinics a spa makeover.

One such example is the Dental Spa Indianapolis that was opened in 2004 with the objective of creating an “anxiety-free dental practice”. Patients can expect soothing aromatherapy candles, cosy blankets, comforting massage, wax treatment and soft beverages followed by delicious milk shakes as a post-treatment reward, all of this at no additional cost. The idea is to offer a dental abode that makes people want to visit and resolve their dental issues rather than leave them unattended.The global dental industry that remained somewhat stagnant in the past is now on the verge of a mega-disruption this year, with a majority of consumers finally making oral health a real priority!

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