Posted on: Feb 24, 2022

Spring F&D Packaging Trends: Full Spectrum

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We are wrapping up our series of posts on concepts that will shape F&D packaging trends for this spring. This post lays out our final trend, which will determine the outcome of upcoming decisions over colour, materials and surface design. Our last key trend for the coming season is called “Full Spectrum”.


Our observations on “Full-Spectrum” led us to conclude that the need for freedom will have an impact on what constitutes a promising approach to packaging design. Needless to say, due to this unique period of stifling global constraint, consumers want to embrace life in all of its glory.

Full Spectrum fosters nonconformist direction, championing not only diverse, divergent perspectives, but also radical acceptance. The truth is that this concept embraces life with full colour, full styling, full creativity and full fun. In fact, it is a bold and bright direction that champions optimistic and playful design. It combines different, crazy patterns with happy, youthful design attributes to create irreverent packaging offerings.

Colour is used in unambiguous, unapologetic and unexpected ways in the Full Spectrum direction.


Due to the collateral damage resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are hungry for products and experiences that bring extravagance to their everyday lives. This affects the choices that art direction may make around packaging materials, as anything is welcome provided it can deliver unfiltered, full-spectrum results. It is important to remember that we aren’t looking for high-quality finishes, but instead unique or frivolous pieces.

Bold and vibrant colours are paired with geometric forms to stand out.


To fully understand this trend, it is important to remember that aesthetics plays a key role. After years of covid-related turmoil, it’s time to have fun, at least aesthetically speaking. Contrasting elements are a recurring theme in this trend, and can be combined in both fun and spontaneous ways.

Community is a crucial element of this optimistic and effervescent trend. It will enable brands and products to connect around authentic and respectful local and global stories.  Shared aesthetics and values will have a strong impact. For instance, “The Waves” brand offers red, white and rosé natural wines with unexpected rainbow-coloured label art.

United Sodas of America’s cans in saturated colours linked to the natural flavour each represents.


The Full-Spectrum colour palette is full of energy and carefree hedonism. Give fresh, playful tones a go, you can use them to create crazy, restless colour combinations. Try uplifting consumers’ emotions with colours that boost their mood and energy. The full spectrum of colour is important for layered, blocked and patterned pieces, so do not hesitate to incorporate full, bright rainbow colours to create expressive, dopamine-filled creations. Consider mixing metallic shades to bring about futuristic and optimistic reminiscing.

“Full Spectrum” trend’s colour palette.

We strongly recommend using bold, straightforward shapes and designs. Try to stand out by making your end goal all about achieving a funny, free and creative aesthetic. Go beyond physical packaging and find the right channel for your brand to deliver exciting online content, as these two worlds are now colliding more than ever before.

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