Posted on: Mar 25, 2020

Convenience: The Magic Buzzword to Win Over Consumers

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In today’s fast-paced world, convenience matters the most to consumers. It is the single most important factor driving consumer preference for one brand over others. However, just like everything else, the meaning of convenience too has evolved to take on a new meaning in the digital era we live in. In terms of a selling concept, convenience is no more just about “quick” or “easy” but has taken a more multi-faceted, complex role. There are an increasing number of brands that have cracked the code when it comes to offering convenience to their customers, and are in turn rewarded with high consumer satisfaction and increased sales. Let’s have a look at some of them:

American company, Drinkworks has taken the concept of “quick and easy” to another level with its Home Bar, set out to “reinvent the entire drinking experience”. This smart consumer product has been created by deep diving into user behaviour and using the insights to present a product offering next level consumer convenience. The result? A one-of-its-kind machine offering bar-quality drinks and cocktails, all at the touch of a button.

Having a hyperlocal strategy is critical to a brand’s success and plays a role in its ability to offer convenience to its consumers. There are few other than Nike who have implemented this idea that well. For its flagship store in L.A., Nike used local data to create a seamless store experience for its customers. It collected data around the best-selling items online in the area and used that information to stock up its shelves accordingly. Further, the installation of a Nike App, recognises each time a new customer enters the store and provides them on-the-go access, thus allowing customers to reserve an item, scan products on mannequins and request their size, all of this without getting hassled by long queues!

There are multiple ways in which brands can optimise their products for convenience, convenient packaging designbeing one of them. Capitalising on this strategy, Nestle recently launched its range of cereal ‘box bowls’, offering “a convenient single-serve portion of cereal in an innovative new cube-shaped box” that allows one to eat cereal straight out of the box, by merely adding milk in there. The cherry on top? The box has been made using environment friendly material, making the packaging 100% recyclable.

If there is anyone who knows how to be most convenient for their consumers, it is Amazon. The giant has literally redefined convenience in the digital age. With its one-click shopping and prime membership, it’s no surprise that Amazon is considered the king of convenience in the online retail world. In fact, Amazon began implementing its in-car delivery service. A service that, as its name suggests, allows the user to open its car via an app as soon as the delivery person is in front of the vehicle. It is a project in progress, but this type of innovation ensures delivery in a less amount of time than the customer’s expectations. This way, Amazon advances to the needs of the consumer himself, guaranteeing him a maximum level of comfort at every step.

What about your brand? Do you already have a strategy to improve the comfort of your customers?

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