Posted on: Dec 15, 2021

Consumers in 2022

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As the world shifts at an unprecedented pace, new consumer attitudes are emerging. Truth be told, the coronavirus pandemic is shaping up to be the biggest global driver of change in most people’s lifetimes. Due to its effects, consumers now drive demand for more flexible, creative and innovative offerings.

According to a new report carried out by the trend forecasting company WGSN, three new consumer profiles will emerge in 2022. At Pointbleu Design, we’re here to give you all the details on how you can tackle the changes ahead and prepare your brand for the near future.

The Stabilisers

Millennials and Gen X are the two main groups prioritizing stability across all aspects of their lives. They are starting to opt out of the cult of productivity, and into a mindset of radical acceptance. This concept looks to challenge the idea that self-improvement and self-acceptance are at odds with one another. Although self-improvement is not a bad thing, large parts of society are falling victim to “wellness syndrome”- an unhealthy focus on self-improvement that has the unexpected and counterproductive side-effect of lowering self-esteem.

Ways to Engage 

This group is uncertain about the future and weary of society’s endless insistence upon further optimisation. We strongly recommend approaching this cohort in the simplest way possible. They yearn for  clarity, and see the value in having fewer options available to them. Less is more. They are intent on buying things that make them feel good, and they expect no less from their shopping experience. Try to create a smooth and stress-free in-store shopping and e-commerce experience. Do not overwhelm them. They seek calm and simplicity.

The Settlers 

This cohort is looking to plant roots in their community, without sacrificing their careers. Victims of a cult-like culture of work and stress, they want to establish clear boundaries and avoid burnout. They want to invest in a new circular economy, driven by localism.

Ways to Engage 

This consumer group might be migrating out of your delivery radius, as they are moving to second-tier cities. This doesn’t mean they won’t want the products and services that they enjoyed before. Prepare your brand to hustle, as they want to bring their new surroundings up to speed. They are gravitating towards more sustainable, community-driven locations, initiatives, stores and brands. Try to identify social commerce platforms for strategic partnerships that best align with what your product offers.

The New Optimists 

It’s by far the most varied cohort in terms of age range. This cohort is not afraid to stand up and fight for their beliefs. Nevertheless, they want to do so by spreading joy, not negativity. In fact, they are embracing “celebrationism”, a system that extols celebration as a core focus of society. They are fond of celebrating an achievement, big or small. However, they are less about the social clout and more focused on intimately spending time bonding with friends and family.

Ways to Engage 

This consumer group seeks joy and celebration. Try approaching them with a strategy that is cohesive with their lifestyles. For them, live streaming will continue to be a dominant shopping option, because they are a highly social and interactive cohort. The convenience of AR/VR  shopping will suit their needs . Try to improve the usability of your e-commerce channels in order to drive up sales. 

We strongly recommend aligning your brand offerings with your customers’ necessities. Bear in mind that customers’ habits and preferences are constantly shifting. Brands must adapt to their audience’s needs. Understanding this is of the utmost importance. Knowledge is power, and knowing your audience is the key to success. 

Is your brand ready to approach these new consumers?


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