Posted on: Dec 09, 2021

Christmas Packaging

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As Christmas approaches, brands expecting high rates of consumption are preparing themselves to face one of the most important times of the year. In addition, the Holiday season will be more important than ever to those looking to shake off the effects of the pandemic, with celebrations revolving around treats to both themselves and loved ones alike.

It goes without saying that consumers are looking for new purchasing experiences, and as such, packaging design ought to be considered your best ally. In other words, packaging can uplift a product and set it apart, whilst also reinforcing your brand communication strategy.  These dates are a great time to come up with innovative approaches to packaging, as the experience of receiving a gift starts with the packaging itself. At PointBleu Design, we want to tell you all about the latest packaging trends for this Christmas.


Once again, the use of  sustainable packaging materials will be essential.  According to a report published by the Spanish entity OCU (Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios), 73% of Spaniards affirm that their shopping habits are based on sustainable or ethical drivers. Truth be told, both consumer expectations and legislation are driving demand for packaging materials to be not only sustainable, but also either renewable or recyclable.  

Customized Packaging

When it comes to reinforcing corporate branding, we aim to create a strong and compact aesthetic in all communication channels, including packaging design. In fact, it allows brands to share a lot of information with not only the consumer, but also  anyone else who might happen to see the design.

Another way to customize your packaging design can be through the creation of a Christmas Limited edition. It will attract the attention of potential customers. Try changing the colour range of your product to typical Christmas tones, such as red or green, to awaken the viewer’s curiosity.

Interactive designs and surprising shapes

This year’s Christmas packaging  focuses on trying to stimulate human senses, with the integration of new, interactive elements. Innovative elements like LED twinkles or musical selections will stand out. Indeed, these innovations go beyond what might be considered practical, with a view to transforming Holiday packs into keepsake items.

When it comes to shape, packaging that takes the form of an envelope is among one of many options that could help your brand stand out, whilst size ought to be chosen with your particular narrative in mind. Designers are thinking out of the box to help brands to distinguish themselves from others, and one only has to look at the glut of Holiday advertising to understand why this is important. Uniquely-shaped to supersized offerings will be common as well.

Classic Illustrations

Despite the rising demand for innovations, some classics never go out of style. This is what happens with typical Christmas music and illustrations. Implementing these ageless elements into the composition of your products can boost the chances of them being purchased. Classically illustrated packaging design offers the opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

In terms of the content of those illustrations, try finding inspiration in nature, you can even experiment with references to astrological themes or northern winter skies. Mysticism is key.  Consider using dark and warm colours, or look to  deep and winter-rich tones, there is a plethora of options that can help you achieve that Christmas-themed atmosphere. 

We strongly recommend establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. We all know that packaging is a key driver in the consumer’s purchasing journey. Due to the saturation that is inherent in this market, don’t be afraid to boost the impact of your designs.  Try to find a balance between innovations and classics, whilst still taking care of the environment. Reduce single use plastics and invest in sustainable materials. And try to channel wintry, Christmas-themed folklore that will leave a lasting impression on consumers. 

Is your Brand ready to embody the Christmast spirit?

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