Christmas Celebrations by the Biggest Corporates

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Christmas trees, sparkling lights, hot chocolate, lots of gifts and gratitude – that’s what the holiday season is all about. Although it falls in the end of the month, the contagious spirit of Christmas can be felt throughout the month of December. Let the holiday season begin!

Here’s how the biggest companies, associations and corporates celebrate Christmas:

The good folks at Google, they sure know how to pamper their employees silly. Every year, Google employees get the latest Google gadgets as Christmas presents; past gifts include Nexus phones, tablets, smartwatches, the works. You get the drift! This is over and above the legendary parties the company is known to throw for all special occasions, including Christmas.

Coffee chain, Starbucks’ iconic red holiday cup is a whole lesson in clever branding. How else could one possibly explain a simple red cup becoming the flag bearer of the upcoming holiday season. Its appearance signifies Starbucks’ upcoming holiday treats and drinks, including the famous Spiced Pumpkin Latte, which by the way has its very own Twitter handle! For a lot of us, the bright red Starbucks cup sets the tone for the beginning of all good things that come with the holiday season. And for good reason!

World-famous toy company, LEGO gives its employees an exclusive, limited edition game as a Christmas present, every year. Two years ago, on the 50-year anniversary of its miniature trains, the company’s Christmas gift to its employees was the largest ever LEGO set of 1141 pieces. Just like all its other limited-edition employee gifts, this too was unavailable in stores and generated a high level of interest amongst fans. We can’t wait to find out what they’ve planned for Holidays 2019!

Social responsibility is such a powerful thing, especially when taken up by a socially conscious, world renowned club like The Real Madrid. The Real Madrid Foundation operates in over 80 countries and helps more than 5000 children in socio-sporting schools across the world. This year for Christmas, the foundation has planned to give gifts to 2000 children in hospitals and welcome centers. To take the celebrations a notch up, the football and basketball team members will personally visit the children.

In giving lies the true spirit of Christmas, indeed!

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