Posted on: Feb 14, 2020

Brands we love in Spain

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Today is Valentine’s Day and at Pointbleu Design, brand strategy and packaging design agency, we were curious to know which brands are loved by Spanish people the most. Are you ready?

Today is the perfect day to declare your love to your favourite brand. So, open your wardrobe and get handsome because in Spain we love Levi’s above all, even Zara.

If you do not have a gift yet, we recommend one of the most sought-after brands on Valentine’s Day: The Red Nestlé Box, chocolates that both serve to express your love on Mother’s Day and on one’s birthday. You can easily find it in a Mercadona on the way to your date, since this supermarket turns out to be the most beloved in all the Spanish territory.

Now, if you are part of the committed ones, you can always declare your love to Apple, the most desired brand in the technology department. This is no surprise at all. We spend more time with our device than sleeping and, taking into account the current permanence contracts, it makes sense that we take it almost as a matrimony commitment. The matchmakers of this most beloved device-consumer idyll are Telefónica in the North and Vodafone in the South.

Very handsome with your Levi’s, your Red Nestle Box and your iPhone in your pocket, it is time to find the perfect plan for your “brand date”. According to the Spanish catering report, 90% of respondents drink beer on a date. So, make sure to ask your date where s/he is coming from. If she was born in the North, be a gentleman and invite her to an Estrella Galicia, you will surely win, although if she is from the South, you better go with a Cruzcampo before an Estrella Damm, which is the Catalan’s favourite.

If instead, you choose something more homemade and decide to cook yourself, El Pozo and/or Coca Cola, the most beloved brands according to “Brand Footprint 2019” report prepared by Kantar, are must-haves on your table. And remember, if everything goes well, better take your morning coffee with Central Lechera Asturiana.

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