Posted on: Apr 06, 2018

Brand Generosity – the Latest Buzzword in Brand Land

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If you think about the purpose of a business on a primitive level, it is primarily to earn profits by satisfying the consumers’ needs and demands. As long as what you’re doing is achieving both business profits and consumer satisfaction, it is all good. One would think that is all there is to it. Or is it? Consumers today are smarter, more aware of everything and can easily see through marketing ploys. They want to associate and engage with brands that are not just authentic but are also generous. Generous brands stand apart from others by being genuinely interested in delighting their customers and building a relationship with them, rather than treating them merely as a pathway to achieve their bottom line.
How can packaging design stimulate this feeling of generosity? Great packaging design makes you stop and purchase what you did not intend to by presenting something you did not expect to see. Great Packaging can stimulate your desire to discover something new and increase the appeal of the said product in your eyes. It can also provide prolonged satisfaction, if say, the packaging offers exceptionally easy closing and handling. Simply put, packaging generosity shows you care and this is something that consumers never forget. It acts as a vital link in keeping a strong relationship between the brand and the consumer.

To better understand how some brands successfully drive their businesses through smart packaging designing, let us see what Godiva did to win the hearts of its consumers one holiday season. It came up with a giant box of chocolates, a box that could be gifted 4 times! How? All thanks to its clever packaging design, its holiday edition chocolate box had a sharable aspect that allowed one to “Keep Half and Give Half”. The idea for this came from Matryoshka dolls – nested Russian dolls, where each doll holds a smaller doll. Similarly, the structure of Godiva’s boxes was such that each box had two boxes inside, one to keep and the other to gift someone else. The recipient on opening the second box would find two boxes in there too, one to keep and the other to give. You get the gist! Not only was it a brilliant packaging idea but it actually encouraged generosity!

Generous packaging instances such as this breed loyalty towards one’s brand and convert those consumers into brand loyalists and advocates. Moreover, everyone loves feel-good stories. When a brand puts its resources to good use, it makes people get up and notice. Moreover, there’s no price to the value of positive PR that gets generated as a result, especially in this era of viral social media content.


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