Posted on: Sep 25, 2020

Better Ingredients, Better Feelings

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The second decade of the 2000’s have seen a radical change in food trends. With the boomers, food consumption was shifting to new products promoted by multinationals without taking into account their ingredients, but from 2015 onwards a new stage began. The new generations, the millennials and even more the Generation Z, are starting to approach a new concept of healthy nutrition. 

We define healthy nutrition as one based on the consumption of fruit, vegetables and cereals, taking into consideration the origin of the product and its production. Then, healthy nutrition has been evolving its concepts and promoting the famous superfoods, or movements such as Realfooding or flexitarianism that promote the consumption of natural, simple and organic ingredients minimizing animal proteins. Although fermented foods seem to be the star products of this year, with the COVID-19 the immunity ingredients are gaining more and more followers.  

The so-called immunity ingredients are foods that help the body to protect and improve itself.  Now more than ever, consumers are looking for natural supplements to defend themselves against illness. These include kale, spirulina and ginger, as well as foods containing vitamin C, which is considered a powerful antioxidant for the body and also for cosmetic products. In addition, all those food supplements created to help the body and its defences. The market is becoming saturated with brands and proposals for different consumers. For example, the sports food brand Foodspring offers on its website a wide variety of capsules, bars or powders with different vitamins such as creatine or omegas 3 among others. The brand Ringana also promotes supplements for every type of “life situation” according to its philosophy, touching on ingredients such as tomato powder or seaweed. 

This trend is not just a niche for health-conscious adults. Young people – modern and future consumers – prefer to find this extra vitamin in quality products that bring benefits to the body and the planet. Although according to a study by EY CPR Balance Executive Survey, it found that 72%of food companies claim that it is difficult to keep up with the constant change in consumption habits, now is the time for brands to bet on the production of products with super nutrients and immune.  

More commercial and user-friendly is the case of Hornimans, a company specialised in the production of teas and infusions that has recently managed to bring together two fundamental aspects of today’s consumers. With the campaign Infusion for your bottle it promotes the healthy habit of carrying a bottle of water during the day’s activities with an infusion full of nutrients for the body. With similar characteristics, many commercial waters such as San Benedetto are promoting functional watersand ready-to-drink waters with different active ingredients to help our body or our performance. The world of cereals is also an important part of this change to a healthier diet; for example, the Golden Bridge brand produces breakfast cereals with vitamins such as folic acid and B12.  

The rise of ingredients that support our bodies and help us to improve them is just the beginning. Every day, consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and are looking for affordable remedies. If your brand wants to stand out and approach this rapidly growing segment, think: what kind of immune boost can I give to my recipes? 

The future is in your hands!

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