Posted on: Oct 19, 2020

Adulthood in Kids food

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COVID-19 has also affected the way kids have their meals. If we look to before the pandemic, children used to eat on the go in between sports and extracurricular activities. Now families are eating at home, creating a new habit where snacks are left to the side,  while comfort food must cater for the whole family. 

Top-notch nutrition has become more convenient and accessible, creating new spaces to enjoy cooking. The kitchen is being re-imagined as a playground, where adults and kids can have fun preparing their own meals. 

Organic and sustainable products are gaining momentum, now more than ever. Looks like choosing the right food is also the key to helping you keep in good health. A concern that’s making parents fill their shopping carts, grabbing all sorts of ingredients to boost immunity and wellness and fulfil each and every need their bodies might have. 

Mealtimes have changed too. While spending more time at home can make it difficult to find the balance between our career and our role as parents, the pandemic also brought us closer to each other, allowing us to involve ourselves in our kids’ homework and their eating habits. 

While before it was commonplace that each member of the family ate at their own time, now spending moments together at the dining table has regained momentum. 

This allows the parents to get to know their kids better and start creating new habits, such as creating one single menu for the whole family. Instead of cooking two versions, one for adults and the other for kids , parents have found a new way to save time and introduce their children to new, wonderful flavours. 

For this reason,  parents are also pushing to buy more ingredients that are recognisable and palatable. In this sense, millennial parents are prioritizing their childrens introduction into the world of real ingredients, earlier than ever before. The baby-led weaning (where babies feed themselves real foods, with parents monitoring) is very ontrend at the moment.Leaving  processed baby purées to one side and prioritising home-made preparations is preferred by parents, who are looking to control the amount of salt or sugar in their dishes. 


Now that children have returned to schools, parents are once more trying to balancethe in-home diet with the one that is provided at schools, hoping to maintain a nutrient-dense and ethically produced, flavourful diet. 

With busy, concerned parents going back to the office, at least for now, brands that can help them with their childrens’ nutrition, have a good opportunity to be there for both parties. 

We are talking about options that are easy to whip up, such as prepared meals to cook, frozen foods and other short-cuts that help parents to have meals ready in no time, whilst also maintaining their childrens’  healthy diet. 

Some examples are DTC Tiny OrganicsSerenity Kids paleo recipes of free-range pasteurised beef, chicken or turkey for babies, which can be a great solution. 

Just ensure that your foods and their ingredients have an identifiable shape, colour and texture, and  you will nail itColour in foodespecially vegetarianbased, is an easway  to appeal to younger audiences, while mixing colours to form a rainbow of flavours will further this appeal. 

Want to know other secrets to make family purchases work for you? Let us know and we will be happy to help you with your brand or products.


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