5 Cities that Do Christmas Festivities the Best!

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We’re all for sitting by that cozy fireplace and enjoying mulled wine & spiced gingerbread with loved ones, but the holiday season is also the time to travel. The magic of Christmas unravels in different ways in different parts of the world and some cities really outdo themselves during the holiday season. Here’s our pick of the cities with the best Christmas celebrations!

Montreal, Quebec: That Canadians take their holiday season seriously is quite evident from the month-long Christmas celebrations in the town of Montreal. Expect all kinds of holiday magic – Christmas markets, delicious hot chocolate, Christmas themed films and what not! Art and entertainment are at the forefront of these celebrations with something for everyone. Not to forget the festive fireworks that light up the city every weekend starting mid-December!

London, England: During December, the capital city is all but bursting with holiday cheer. Dazzling strings of lights, Christmas concerts and holiday music envelope the whole city in a surreal vibe difficult to shake off! And of course, a mention of Christmas celebrations in London doesn’t stand complete without its most famous Christmas tree near Trafalgar Square.

Melbourne, Australia: No Christmas festivities list can be complete without the mention of Melbourne and its larger than life holiday festivities. For good reason too. Did you know Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square is known as the ‘Christmas Square’ during December! Right up until Christmas, ’Fed Square’ as they call it, is lit up with a giant Christmas tree and a beautiful sound and light show, bound to take your breath away. Other iconic city locations add to the festive cheer with stunning light displays and free animated shows throughout the month.

Madrid, Spain: December in the Spanish city is all about stunning lights, decorated trees and nativity acts. Designed by renowned Spanish designers and architects, the larger-than-life lighting installations interspersed across streets, are truly a sight to behold.

New York, America: The ‘Big Apple’ offers its visitors and citizens, the perfect dreamy Christmas, true to the expectation. Be it the beautiful store displays at Macy’s, the iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center or the immersive winter wonderland experience at the Christmas Spectacular, Christmas in New York really is something else.

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