2020: A New Year and Brands Set to Ace It!

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2020 is already here! We wonder what brands have in store for us and how they’re prepping for the new year! Here’s our pick of what to expect in 2020 and brands that are acing the year, already!

The Grocery Industry is evolving like never before and Amazon and Uber are at the center of this disruption. Undoubtedly one of the most promising global companies making business headlines year on year, Amazonhas made our cut for its strategy of offering free grocery delivery to all Amazon Prime members. Uber too has ambitious plans to enter the grocery market, and in style. As per recent reports, in the near future the company will be introducing something of an online grocery auction, a first of its kind “brand new product offering which will fundamentally evolve how people purchase their groceries”.

We’re past those times when In-house Media Agencies was a choice companies made. Today brands are looking at in-housing as a necessity. Brand marketers believe, setting up in-house agency teams helps with costs, speed and efficiency. Largely, it is about having more control, be it in terms of monies, delivery quality or use of sensitive data. Brands like FMCG giant, P&G have partially in-housed services like media buying and selling while retaining their agency partners for other creative requirements. What P&G has done is create what it calls a “fixed and flow” agency model wherein, it outsources a set amount of work to its agency partners while using more agile shops for other jobs. In addition, they’ve also “co-located” with prime creative agencies that work under the same roof as its internal teams.

The Retails industry is getting a makeover. There’s a growing demand for luxury goods BUT in the space of rentals and re-use. Increasing consciousness around sustainability and a deep consumer desire to play a role towards it has seen an emergence of brands that are gently nudging buyers and empowering them to extend the life cycle of the luxury products they buy. There’s a spate of fast-growing operators revolutionizing resale and claiming their own place in the world of retail. The fact that brands like The RealReal and Revolve are finding takers speaks a lot about the dramatically changing consumer preferences. All for the greater good, we’re not complaining!

In recent times, there’s been a profound shift in the way masculinity is perceived. The traditional and if we may say, ‘toxic’ notions of masculinity are giving way to a more gender-inclusive ethos. Brands too are attempting to keep up with this changing societal attitude to reconstruct the narrative. Men’s magazines like GQ are steering free of the stereotypical projection of men to be more gender-fluid. In support of this new thought process, men’s clothing brand, Bonobo launched its #EvolveTheDefinition (of masculinity) campaign last year, redefining the quintessential definition of masculinity through a 90 second video. Retail chains like Target and Harrods too are rethinking their store layout and children’s clothes to be more gender-neutral.

Although, we still have a long way to go but it’s a relief that at least a beginning has been made here. It was about time, don’t you think?

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