Posted on: Feb 17, 2021

The New Influencers

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Gone are the golden days of the Influencers, when posts announcing a cream or wearing the latest brand name tended to get much more likes. With the democratization of social networks, today’s consumer is looking for more realistic, motivational, and rigorous content to fight against fake news, excessive consumerism, and other such falsehoods.

It is not to say that Marketing by Influencers does not work. In agreement with James Nord, CEO & Founder of the brand ambassador agency Fohr, it is a matter of finding the correct focus.

With this in mind, we decided to take a look at 3 profiles that are currently on the rise across various social networks. Maybe they won’t make #ads, yet but thanks to their creativity, quality and local relevance they can still play an important role as custom content creators for brands.


It is a profile characterized by mobilizing and motivating its users, connecting with an audience that seeks information as a source of inspiration. For example, the profile of Instagram CódigoNuevo, aims to inform about related topics, from current events to psychology, or even couples’ issues. Not bad at all.

We can also take the example of Kyla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer, who not only posts her photos on Instagram, but is also a creator of fitness ebooks, Body Guides and an application that plans diets and workout routines. Her star content generated more revenue in 2016 than any other fitness application.


These guys manage to capture the attention of young people all over the world, and all through the medium of TikTok. Informing and entertaining are their keywords, and they can spend more than 50 minutes making a video and uploading it. It seems that the effort is worth it, since according to TikTok’s algorithm, users spend an average of 80 minutes in a row watching their videos.

However, the scandals that have splashed TikTok mean that influencers increasingly encourage their users to follow them on Instagram. This platform has already started to work with Reels, a re-iteration of  TikTok that we can welcome, and a means by which we can gain the loyalty of younger stars in the network.

Another example is @charliedamelio, the world’s most famous 16-year old tiktoker, with 7 million followers. This high-performance dancer found the perfect space in TikTok to record her movements, which are still being posted on Instagram years later.

Thought Leaders

They are the new voices of Twitter. This profile draws attention because of their experience and opinion through their social media profiles.

These are young autodidacts who research until they become true specialists in the field. They will then share this knowledge at universities and on their social networks, thus strengthening their popularity.

One of the leading exponents of this style is Robert Reich, an American economic advisor, professor, author and political commentator. He was a member of President Barack Obama’s economic transition advisory board. He uses @rbreich on Instagram to proclaim his views on socio-economic and political issues.

Whether inspiring, motivating, entertaining or sharing knowledge, social media has taken shape in the presence of influencers. Will brands do the same?

At the moment, the main influencers agencies are changing their name to become brand embassadors or creators of customised content. This new business model brings freshness, professionalism, but above all, more personal and current content than a marketing meeting. Carefully choosing your partners and working closely with them can be not only a way to reach your audience without being intrusive but also a means by which to nourish your brand with a language and content that changes every day, at the speed of light.

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