Superfoods, the new supertrend in FMCG

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A quick Google search for ‘superfoods’ comes up with 10.000.000 results. Intake of these ingredients has grown a whopping 200% in only 4 years and, unsurprisingly, the US has increased their production by almost 40% during the last year. It is a non-stoppable trend in the food market, same as ‘clear labels’, healthy snacks or good fats. Together they represent the new set of worries for millennials.

Superfoods are a major trend these days and, in case you’re wondering exactly what they are, this term refers to those foods whose nutrients present health benefits, but not necessarily to a food group in itself. It is, basically, a marketing blanket term and big companies are aware of it.

For example, Torres, has launched its Chocolate with Stevia, Danone yoghurts that contain quinoa seeds are readily available now, Florette salads have just created their new line “Vittalia”, which includes 6 superfoods and furthermore Bimbo was one of the first companies in following the trend, including chia seeds in their sandwich bread.

As a result, there’s also room for them in the beauty market. If you’re not a #healthydiet lover person, you can still put some superfoods in your skin with infused beauty products such as The Bodyshop superfoods mask.

Seems that the market revolution continues its path. We have already seen worldwide campaigns claiming the benefits of cow milk, McDonald’s changing their logo for a “greener” and more clean-looking one, we’ve seen lots of brands updating their labels to make them look “healthier” and now it’s time for superfoods, green smoothies, breakfast bowls with Spirulina and plant based milk now that animal milk might not be that beneficial, after all.

The consumer again becomes victim and target – aware of the relativity of the term while posting a picture of a green smoothie with spinach, kale and pumpkin seeds.

How would your brand take advantage of this trend?



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