Important things to consider when creating your brand logo

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Branding Lesson for the week: First impressions matter! Well, fair or not, they do. Considering we live in a visual world, we cannot stress enough on the power of perception and how it can make or break your brand. Moving beyond traditional tools such as business cards & websites and creating a strong, unique visual identity has become a necessity rather than an option in today’s times. A well-designed logo is the first step towards building a strong brand and helping your customers identify with it. Given that a logo is an essential element contributing to a brand’s identity, here are a few pointers to help you design/redesign your company logo:

Purpose: As a brand custodian you should be able to identify the logic behind your logo. As an average person, one should be able to comprehend the meaning behind your logo. For this, there needs to a more profound, symbolic meaning to it, that ties in with your brand’s purpose and is a visual representation of what it stands for.

Know Your Audience: Before you start work on your logo, ask yourself who is it you’re talking to. As a business, it is crucial to understand who your ideal client is and to communicate with them through every branding element, including the logo. At the same time, you also want your employees to relate to and be proud of the brand you’re creating. After all, it is important to know you target audience, both external as well as internal (employees and vendors). Once you have figured your audience out, creating a logo that resonates with your brand becomes rather easy.

Aim For different: This principle is based on the premise that people often forget sameness but more often than not, they remember what stands out. So, it is essential to see what is happening in your industry and stand out from the crowd. Steve Jobs always had a vision for Apple to out-design its competitors. When its old logo with rainbow stripes became dated, they reinvented it to give it a sleek minimalistic look, reinforcing Apple’s position in a crowded market.

Less is More: While it is easy to get carried away with different options of fonts, colors and designs, when creating your brand logo, stay away from overcrowded designs and clutter; keep it simple. A straightforward design conveying a clean brand message makes a great impact. Kellogg’s chose an old-fashioned font for their logo with only the brand name, no extra frills. The old school typeface was reminiscent of all things classic and went on to become one of the most recognized logos of all times. It remains the same till date!


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