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Starbucks Coffee Company have been committed to excellence and to its guiding principles, thus the company has brought the unique Starbucks Experience to every customer through every cup.

The aim of the mission is to provide great coffee according to costumers’ preferences and wishes in a very cozy atmosphere where each name is called when the order is ready.

Exactly 20 years ago, the coffeehouse started implementing the first red containers during the Christmas holidays, and it has become a tradition ever since. And not only the Christmas edition but also autumn and summer versions were launched over the past twenty years.

However, the first ones mentioned are the most popular ones and for many, when the red cups return to the market, it is a sign that the holiday season is drawing near.

The design of these special red cups varies every time, but decorations often go from reindeers to Christmas trees and mistletoes. Yet, last year they decided to held a contest to let customers participate in the creativity process by inviting them to use the cups as a canvas. Creative director of Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Dena Blevins said “they hang together as one idea, but each expression is unique”. Therefore, people posted their ideas on Instagram and among more than 1.000 customer designs, 13 from six different countries, were selected as winners.

Now, though, the coffee company attention has turned to springtime. On March 16, Starbucks has launched its first-ever spring hot beverage cup for a limited time. The collection consists of three different pastel and cheerful colors cups with a white dot in the middle and hand-drawn designs like an umbrella or a sun. Other dots are just empty, giving the consumer the chance to customize it himself.

Despite not being considered as premium coffee, Starbucks has managed to achieve the “respect” of its customers making them feel the unique experience by letting them customize, from their own product to the brand image (co-creation). These two facts have made the company become one of the best coffeehouse chain.

Therefore, letting the consumer take part of the brand, has proven to be a winning formula, at least for Starbucks.


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