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For many years brands found on the HoReCa channel a place to promote themselves through promotional material such as terrace tables and chairs, beach umbrellas, menu holders etc.
These was a win-win deal for both brands and restaurants since this was also a way for business to have some furniture for free or at a very reasonable price that otherwise would have been a big investment.

Today, however, the wide offer of restaurants on the main cities forces restaurants to find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and have a very exclusive personality.
Also clients are now more likely to pick a restaurant not only for the food but also for the ambience and atmosphere of the venue, looking for a unique and pleasant experience.

For all these reasons brand’s promotion material as we knew it is not welcomed in many restaurants anymore. Brands, therefore, have to look for new strategies for being present in restaurants and bars and the best way to do so is of course through interior design.

Brands are now working on this kind of branding which allows them to have a non-intrusive brand impact by respecting the personality and character of the venue without losing its brand identity.

One of the pioneers on applying this new model of branding in the HoReCa channel is Damm Group. Many brands of the Group such as A.K Damm, Victoria and, of course, Estrella Damm, decorate the interior of different restaurants situated in main cities.

Their challenge is always to get integrated in the ambience of the business space, reason why in many occasions Damm works with artisans, artists and interior designers ensuring the quality standards desired by both the brand and the restaurant.

Near our offices there is a great selection of restaurants that we enjoy during our lunch break. One of them, Via Granados, is a great example on how brands work in interiorism. This restaurant stands out for its decoration, all made in fine wood, which gives the local a modern but still warm touch. In the entrance, there is an outdoor bar where people can sit and enjoy a drink. Is here where we can find the Estrella Damm logo, also made with wood and standing out from the wall. Although it is of big dimensions, it still feels really subtle within the overall décor.

But Damm is not the only brand that is present in this place. Ana de Codorniu also gives the restaurant a nice touch of decoration with some elegant and sophisticated cushions in the same colour range of the non-branded ones, situated on the bench of the restaurant.

However, not all the brand interior design in restaurants is made by food and beverage brands. Other brands completely unrelated to gastronomy also make cobranding actions with well-known restaurants with which they share the same philosophy and values. A good example of it is La Lumbre del Cacique, in Madrid, which has a corner completely decorated by the fashion firm Pedro del Hierro. They found in this relationship the perfect union between art, fashion and gastronomy and the creativity this 3 worlds share.

There are many examples of this upward trend and they really are a piece of art sometimes. We love many of them so it would be unfair to not share them with you. You can check them below. What do you think?

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Credits: Woodpeckers, Elia Felices, Blanco Azabache


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