Marvel comics and the FMCG market

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The reality design students face when they finish their studies is often disappointing to them. The outside world of work often differs from the one we were expecting to find.

Once you get into the real labour market you realize that designing a minimalist label isn’t the same as designing a detergent one. The graphic codes are different for one and other and so is the logic that justifies each creation.

Welcome then to the FMCG packaging.

Why do many young designers scorn the fact of designing products sold in supermarkets? Is it that bad?

I truly believe it isn’t so I, on this blog site, would like to defend this sector too often underestimated.

Other industries such as cinema have proved that mass consumption products have also great potential. There are blockbusters the same way there is auteur cinema, but which kind of films are better?

Each of these sectors tries to reach the excellence using different means and codes typical of their category but both are equally good. The Marvel Factory is an example of the amount of work behind these ‘mass consumption’ movies. Obviously not everyone likes The Avengers but no one can deny it is a well-worked film.

Something similar happens with daily goods. I therefore reckon packaging design for FMCG can be a high standard work, where every detail is taken into account: the composition, the typography, the images, etc.

So the next time you are at the supermarket pay attention to the shelves. Between all the products you will surely find some carefully designed packs you really like.

When that happens, don’t forget this is not just the work of a design studio but also of a brand that knew when to take its chances and create something bold.


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