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Regardless of who wins or loses these elections – Has anybody heart about a party to claim itself a loser? – The Spanish elections are in their hottest moment.

You can feel it on the streets, taxi chats or even queuing in the bakery because this Saturday Spanish people have to vote to get rid of the nonsense that we have been living through for months – without a government or coalition to lead this country.

At this moment <strong>Spanish parties have chosen their best logos</strong> to be seen in the streets and at Pointbleu we wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity to give our point of view about each branding design.

Let’s start with the winner of the last elections. From it’s inception – in the 80s – Partido Popular decided to <strong>abandon their lefties red to focus on a more conservative blue</strong>. Not only their seagull suffered different mutations – losing its shape for almost a line at the top of their logo.

Just as curious, it’s very funny to see how the first seagull was oriented to the left and as time goes by the orientation is swapped for the right and after that, when PP declared itself as a right-centered party, the seagull now looks straight.

About the name of the party, their divided words came together in a unique group, first at different levels and then just in one <strong>cursive line that gives some dynamism</strong> to the logo. We don’t know what happened with their last logo to change the typeface into a straight one surrounded by a circle. Maybe, after all the corruption scandals, they wanted to <strong>feel protected and stand up proudly</strong> against the adversity. Who knows?

On the left side of the ring we find PSOE that has changed just 3 times.

It’s most relevant icon: a<strong> fist with a rose</strong>, a very socialist combination between the force of the unity and the cultural movement was changed in 1994 for just a rose as if they were too tired to continue in government. After that, in 2001 they framed the logo in a solid red<strong> color symbol of the passion, success and energy</strong>. Looks like the PSOE straight and condensed typeface wasn’t enough to explain the new leaders that took relief of the old ones.

Maybe because of the youth of their visible head they went in to a handwritten typeface kind of childish font.

After that, just the naming was used as a logo and the <strong>rose finally disappeared</strong>. For us it was a pity because once you have something really iconic it makes no sense to eliminate it and make your brand weaker.

Maybe because of that, they are now in 2016, <strong>using the rose again</strong> and the solid values that gave this party the strength to face the new multi-political situation that exists in the country.

A convincing <strong>Gottam</strong> and a very spiritual color plus the circle of the unity are the main points that Podemos have used on its logo. A little bit Zen or like the <strong>wheel that promotes the change</strong> has again put the lefties values on the balance for those disenchanted. Those old left school voters are looking for a palliative stronger than the usual red. It’s funny because this party <strong>who claim the end of the social classes</strong> <strong>have picked on the of the color that was only reserved for one of this classes</strong>. Nevertheless, purple also means “morada” – the place where the first members of the party were united.

Ciudadanos, one of the youngest parties like Podemos, shares one of the <strong>very first colors of PP</strong>. Maybe this is not so innocent since this party is moving from the center right to the center left in every meeting they have. Their isotope is a fresh air, a direct declaration to dialog, questioning and screaming in the duotone that it’s been ruling this country for decades. The selection of this color is also very straight: <strong>orange means creativity, cleverness and novelty</strong>. An option for those who are in between blue and red but… since all we know, orange is one of the warm colors that needs red to be done. We will see if after th<strong>e 26-J results they will keep their promise to pact with PSOE or they will go on their own.


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